Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deadly Little Secrets

Normally, I'd post the synopsis as well, but then what would I say? "Here's the story, it's good, done!" The synopsis says a lot about the story, but I wanted to give you my two cents.

The story starts off with Camelia in the school parking lot. It's just an average day, until a fellow student almost runs her over with their car. Luckily, a mysterious boy pushes Camelia out of the way, saving her life. But before she can thank him, he disappears.

Fast forward, 3 months later. Back in school, everything seems to be as normal as can be. But now, the mysterious hero,Ben, is now attending her school. On top of that, rumor has it he murdered his ex-girlfriend. Add in a stalker, a line up of suspects, witty friends and a developing crush on Ben and what do you have? Diaster! Camelia doesn't know who to trust. Did I mention Ben can sense the future with just a touch? Sounds like a recipe for a great novel!

Throughout the book, I kept wondering who the stalker was. I had my ideas, but ended up being wrong. The only thing is, I hate endings that just leave you hanging. I felt as though this was one of those books. Good thing the sequel is already out and waiting to be read!

It's a great series with a twist. I recommend it for all those paranomal young adult loving fools, much like myself!


  1. I really love this series, too. Great review :)

  2. Thanks! I'm really excited about reading Deadly Little Lies over the holiday break. Woot woot!

  3. *adds to tbr list*
    This sounds pretty interesting!


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