Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the mean time...

So, I've got 40 pages left in Fallen. Until then, one of my favorite bloggers is giving away 5 copies of Dear John. I believe every girl with a heart beat is a Nicholas Sparks fan. I'm sure most of you are like me, you like to read the book prior to seeing the movie. Well, here's you chance.

Here's the link:

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't believe Christmas is this Thursday! Gleeeeee!



  1. Thanks for the mention! Dear John is a great book....probably one of my favorite NS reads.

    I just finished Fallen. Can't wait to see what you thought of it :D

  2. No problemo! Thanks for having the contest!

    I just finished Fallen! WOO! I can't wait to read your thoughts either. Seems as though we tend to like the same books :)


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