Monday, January 4, 2010

The Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up in the Glade, yet he doesn't know where he, who he is or what he's doing there. All he remembers is his name. He looks around and notices that he's in a colony surrounded by boys around the ages of 13-18. Unfortunately, no one remembers their ages or much of anything either. He initially meets Alby and Newt, the leaders of the Gladers. Thomas quickly learns that surrounding this colony is a giant maze, and all the boys know is they must find their way out in order to return home.

Ready for the catch? First, there are these half machine/half animalistic creatures called the Grievers who mainly come out at night. They'll sting you and send you into a state of shock the other Gladers refer to as "the change." Second, there are the tiny bug like machines that the Creators use to watch the Gladers. As far as anyone knows, the Maze consistantly changes, the doors to the Glade will always close at night, but reopen in the morning, and a boy will always be sent up at the same time, same way once a month.

Too bad everything's about to change. The day after Thomas is sent to The Maze, a girl is sent up. The first girl and last person to be sent again, ever. All Thomas knows is he might have the key to solving the Maze, only if he can open his mind and remember.

What do I think about The Maze Runner? Absolutely amazing. It took me back to my childhood days reading Lord of the Flies and back to my present day obsession with The Hunger Games. There are twists and turns everywhere leaving the reader anticipating the Gladers' next move. I must say, everything I expected turned out to be wrong. Figures, right? And it'll leave you with an edge of your seat ending, gasping for more. I recommend this to fellow Sci-Fi fans or anyone looking for a book filled with action, suspense, adventure and a tad bit of romance.


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