Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Cinderella Society Giveaway

First off, a HUUUGE thanks to Daisy Whitney, author of The Mockingbirds (debuts November 2nd, 2010), for hosting the blog tour and giveaway.

As you know, The Cinderella Society is all about female empowerment. You can do anything! In this giveaway, all you have to do is share a story/line/quote/thought about what it means to be empowered as a teenage girl. You must be a follower to enter and comment with your answer below.

This giveaway will end on April 18th. Since several of my friends are my followers (and I don't have to save me), I'm going to have my roommate pick her favorite answer. The Winner will receive a copy of The Cinderella Society. Wait, there's more. The other members of TCS blog tour will put all our winners in a pool. We will vote on our favorite story/line/quote/thought and that person will win a signed copy of The Cinderella Society plus $100 to be donated to Girls Inc. in her name.

Make sense? Awesome. Now, get sharing!


This giveaway is going to be US only. I apologize for not clarifying this sooner.


  1. Empowered? It means I've figured out that I am beautiful on more levels than just mascara. Beautifully strong, beautifully kind, beautifully spirited. It means that I can show people the beauty I have to offer and I finally believe they can see it.

  2. If you want to be empowered, you must first commit to being no one other than yourself.

    The best advice I ever received was to be a Leader not a follower.

    Being a teenager is not easy but it can be a lot less hard if you recognize that your actions can influence the path that others take.
    Being a positive influence is sometimes tricky in the teenage world but if it is done well others will follow.

    Never let another person make you feel less than what you are. Once you believe in yourself you will discover what it means to be empowered.

  3. I wake up every day with fear. I wake up every day with courage. I wake up every day with sadness. I wake up every day with hope. Fear of being beaten up again. Courage to endure this sharp pain and to stand up for what is right. Sadness for something that never changes even if I fight so hard. And hope to never break down into pieces. Still, every day I wake up.

    Please enter me, if this contest is international. Thank you!

    Giada M

    fabgiada @

  4. I think being an empowered teen girl means knowing that you are a person of value, that you mean something in the world and that nothing that other people think can change who you are, what you're worth, and what you're able to achieve in life. It's about more than what's in the mirror: it's about what's inside. True empowerment is the realization that no one can knock you down unless you allow them to.

  5. I found a quote that I believe could be applied to all females in general
    "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face...You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."-Eleanor Roosevelt
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

  6. You guys are awesome. These are great entries so far!

  7. The tattoos on my arms are all about empowerment. They says "I'm a book, half unread. A book that ends with no last page. I write my own destiny. You can read along or leave."

    I've been in that place where someone else is running your life for you. The tattoo was a promise to myself that I was never going to do that again. I encourage all girls I know to avoid giving their partner the kind of control mine had. You need harmony in a relationship, not control.

  8. To empower teenage girls they need positive role models and people to listen to them. As a middle school teacher I have developed a sense of community in my classroom where the girls come to me with issues and I help them, comfort them, listen, etc.

    My personal empowerment came from negative relationships with family members leading me to make something better of myself and get out of poverty.

  9. OOOOH, I love these. It makes me want to create some sort of Girl Power flag. Then wave it around and shout "I am woman, hear me roar." Ok, not that intense, but you know what I mean.

    Keep them coming!

  10. Tegan asked me to post her entry for her. Here it is :

    Female empowerment is not about anything but being true to your self. Eat the F***ing Cake as my Women's Studies would say. Don't try to be something your not, there is no definition of female, we dont all fit in a box, Female empowerment is just empowerment. Do what you need to do for you and nobody else you (not counting children) are #1.

    From TSC. Jess is a nobody but she learns that its all about how you carry your self, and once you carry yourself properly then you can help others. but Its all about YOU!

    Again from TSC. take a term and make it your own. Norms turn it around so its positive. the power of words is not in the meaning but how you use it. Empower your self and change the word to postive. ie. Cunt are beautiful, Im a girl I have one. theres nothing wrong with it, using cunt as an insult because the meaning has got twisted being female isnt a bad thing.

    ... Ranting. I am in a Women's Studies Class Right Now.


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