Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review : Party by Tom Leveen

Synopsis : It's saturday night in Santa Barbara and school is done for the year. Everyone is headed to the same party. Or at least it seems that way. The place is packed. The beer is flowing. Simple, right? But for 11 different people the motives are way more complicated. As each character takes a turn and tells his or her story, the eleven individuals intersect, and reconnect, collide, and combine in ways that none of them ever saw coming.

Thoughts : /It's Saturday night and school's out for the summer. So where are you headed? Well, to the biggest party of the year! Everyone who's anyone is going to be there. And everyone has their own hidden agenda as to why.

Told in 11 POVs, each chapter takes you further into the story. All these characters are connected one way or another. If you've ever seen the movie GO, it's kind of like a PG-13 version of that only replace the rave with a party.

My favorite POVs were the guys. I thought Tommy and Daniel's voices were a bit similar, but they are best friends. I sound a lot like my best friends as well. Other than that, the other voices are distinctive and their own. My personal favorite though was Beckett. She's the very first person you meet, but trails throughout the story. It's interesting to know how she views herself then see how others view her as well.

Now, swoon worth boys. Honestly, I didn't find any. Their own personal stories were so short, I hardly got to know them. I like my swoon guys to have a bit more character than just your stereotypical high school boy. Oh, the boys are funny, but still. Not my type.

It's amazing to see how the story unfolds, one new drama at a time. While the ending is a bit predictable and unrealistic, I still enjoyed it. Tom Leveen wrote a great debut author, and I look forward to reading what comes next from him


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