Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Announcing The Ultimate Reviewers Challenge

During the entire month of August, Karen from FWIW, Karen D from Karen's Addictions, Tiger from All-Consuming Books and I will be co-hosting an event called the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge.

It's simple. Throughout the month of August, all you have to do is post reviews on your blog and send us the link. We'll each have a Mr. Linky on our blogs for you to use. You can use the same review for each blog, but not enter the same review for the same blog more than once. The more reviews you post, the better chances you have to win. At the end, we'll use pick a random winner from each blog. That means you have 4 chances to win.

The winner will receive the ultimate prize pack. Each prize pack will be unique and fabulous!

We will also be interviewing fellow bloggers and some of your favorite authors. And maybe hosting a mini-giveaway or 2...or 3 or 4.

More Details/Rules/Sign-Ups Soon!


The point of this whole event is to promote reviews and reward reviewers. Because while fun, posting reviews and maintaining blogs can be very time consuming.

Since we do want each prize pack to be epic and there's so much the four of us can do, we're asking fellow bloggers and authors to helps us by donating anything you can. Books, bookmarks, swag, half-eaten chocolate bars, whatever you're willing to part with.

For Authors: This is a Reviewer's challenge. Bloggers are indispensible in getting the word out about books…sometimes word of mouth and good reviews elevate a brilliant book that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks. WoW picks can whip up the book reading community into a frenzy of “I must have it now!” If you have anything you can donate – books/swag….anything to show your love to bloggers…let me know.

For Bloggers: you'll be contributing to a great, fun-filled event. If you have any books or having a signing event coming up and can donate something signed that would be great! We’ll be sure to give everyone who donates a shout out and link to your blog!. Also, if you do donate you are still eligible to enter!

Other ideas : Do you have book related jewelry or crafts etc. that you would like to donate? Again, we’ll be sure to spotlight you during the contest!

I know there are a lot of requests and challenges going on out there so Karen, Tiger, Karen and I appreciate anything your able to do for this event! We want to make this fun and rewarding for you guys!

Most importantly, good juju and karma will be awarded to you! Who can't use more good juju and karma?!

If you're interested in helping us out or have something you'd like to donate, please email me at Addicted2novels (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Thanks everyone and GET EXCITED! This is definitely something you don't want to miss.

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