Monday, August 2, 2010

Better Know A Blogger : Sherry @ Flipping Pages For All Ages

Your Name: Sherry Salach
Name of your blog: Flipping Pages for All Ages
Started when?: August 29th, 2009
Number of followers?: 646
What do you review?: Mainly YA Literature
How did you get the name for your blog?: I didn't create it in the slightest, I found it online, someone was naming off different names that might be good for a book blog, I thought so too.
How would you describe your blog?: Reviews, mixed with interviews, blog tours, contests and many other things. Very friendy and fun. It's something I do for enjoyment so I take a break when I need to, but I still participate in my blog to let my followers know I'm not going anywhere just taking a reading break(like the past couple of weeks lol)
What kind of blogger are you?: Very organized or fly by the seat of your pants? I'm not organized at all. If I post then it's something I just typed up. I only tried scheduling a post once and it went wrong so now I just post when I want something posted. I also don't have a set schedule for when things are done, only set memes like Favorite Friday or IMM.
What is your favorite review or post for your own blog?: My favorite review would have to be for Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, because it's a book that just stays with you, and my favorite interview with have to be with Stacey Kade, aiuthor of The Ghost and The Goth.
Your favorite blog?: I like a lot of blogs, but definitely La Femme Readers(Eleni)- shes got her question of the days and upcoming tantalizing ya books, which I love reading about. Mundie Moms-I mean a blog dedicated to fans of The Mortal Instruments, how could you not love it?? And Princess Bookie(Cindy) because her blog is really interactive, theres always a lot going on.
Your favorite authors?: Cassandra Clare has been a favorite of mine since I first read City of Bones. I now own the entire Mortal Instruments series, and will buy anything she comes out with in the futre. Also Jackson Pearce, if you haven't read As You Wish or Sisters Red, you should.
What are you reading right now?: Right now I'm reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. It's fantastic so far.

Do you have a picture of your TBR pile or bookshelf?: I attached it. It's a picture of my newest bookshelf, my other one is a disaster! :P

Thank you, Sherry!!! We love you!

And for those you have yet to visit Sherry's blog, you should check out: Flipping Pages for All Ages.


  1. Thanks for the interview :D


  2. Great interview! I love that you've interviewed Stacy Kade--I adore her book and I have an interview with her prepared and ready to run--she's so samrt and generous!

  3. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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