Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview With Lisa Desrochers (Author of Personal Demons)

During the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge, we each had the opportunity to interview some of our (and your) favorite authors. I had the privilege to interview Lisa Desrochers. Her debut novel, Personal Demons, releases September 14, 2010. And if you haven't heard about Personal Demon, where have you been?! I'm currently reading it now, and it's GOOD!


Anyway, lets start the interview!

1. What inspired you to write Personal Demons?

I was listening to Saving Abel (one of my favorite bands) and reading a bio where they said they got their name from a biblical quote: “there was no saving Abel.” That got me thinking about the story of Cain and Abel, and I was mulling over ideas for a book when a name popped into my head. I thought to myself, Lucifer Cain, what a fun name for a demon. That was the beginning of Luc and Personal Demons.

2. What makes Personal Demons different from the other books out there?

Half of Personal Demons is told from my demon, Luc’s POV. You ever been inside a demon’s head? It’s surprising the things you’ll find in there. ;p

3. In Personal Demons, there's an angel named Gabe and a demon named Luc. Are you a "good guy" kind of girl or a "bad boy" kind of gal?

That depends entirely on what sort of “good guy” or “bad boy” they are. Good guys can tend to be boring. They don’t usually have that “anything can happen” feel to them, so they need to have a lot of charisma. If they’re done right, like, for example, Peeta, I love them. Likewise, I think “bad boys” can tend toward creepiness. Mysterious is good, but I don’t like my bad boys violent or stalkerish. My very favorite bad boys are both from Melissa Marr’s Ink Exchange, Iri and Niall.


4. If you could match Frannie up with any other literary character out there, who would you choose and why?

Fred or George Weasley (whichever one doesn’t die in Deathly Hollows). Frannie takes herself a little too seriously. Fred and George definitely know how to have fun and would help her lighten up.

5. Why do you love bloggers?

I totally love bloggers. You guys rock the house. I always find great books through book blogs and I’m loving all of you extra hard for helping me spread the Personal Demons love.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me interview you, Lisa!!!

And just so you know, Lisa has so graciously donated Personal Demons bookmarks for the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge prize pack! *happy dance*

And be sure to check out Personal Demons as well as Lisa's blog where you can find all things Personal Demons as well as sneak peaks!


  1. Thanks for the great interview! I have been following Lisa's blog ever since I started blogging and I'm looking forward so much to Personal Demons, it sounds fantastic! I really can't wait! Love your story behind the inspiration, it is amazing how many great seeds of stories there are in the bible and what a paranormal book it is ;-p lol

    And I agree Lucifer Cain is a terrific name! :-D

    Good luck Lisa with the release fast approaching! :-D

  2. Great review! I really like it when I read an author interview and the author sounds totally down to earth and like an every day person. Will be adding this to my to read list! thanks!


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