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The Thirteenth Chime Blog Tour : Interview w/ Emma Michaels

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1. How would you describe The Thirteenth Chime for someone how hasn't heard about it?

A) It is a story about the bond between two people (David and Destiny) who have become estranged. Destiny, who is now engaged, is in a situation where her best friend is injured and sent to the hospital along with her mother. Unsure of what to do as the police are not helping her, she contacts David for help. He comes to help her, but what neither of them know is that the nightmare awaiting them is ready to spring a trap that was created by a madman almost fifty years ago. Faced with the darkness that threatens to overwhelm them, their bond will be the only thing that will help them to survive "The Thirteenth Chime".

2. What makes The Thirteenth Chime different from other books out there?

A) I think there are many differences between The Thirteenth Chime and other books currently on the market in not only the characters themselves but the concept. I took a feeling that I had one night and expanded on it, suddenly there were characters who weren't like anything I had imagined before and slowly a plot began to develop. I didn't sit there and try to find an original idea, it just came to me with my emotions and from there, the rest is history. I didn't write your average paranormal. There are no vampires, werewolves, witches or the types of characters you see normally. It is about something so much more human. so much more natural that it makes it that much more bone chilling and I hope you will love it!

3. When you have writer's block, what do you do to "unblock" it?

A) I think it is really important to write everyday but I think that like any author I just find my way through it. With many authors it may take longer but luckily sometimes for me it can be as simple as reading an amazing review that made me want to hear someone say that about my book one day or listening to a new song I had never heard before that just somehow touched my heart. There is always a way to unblock your writers blog as long as you are willing to search for it, though every once it a while it is as simple as just letting it happen on its own.

4. What was your road to publication like?

A) I'm always so hesitant about this question because when I tell the truth, it sounds like I am rather anti-agent. I'm really not, it's just that when you receive over a hundred standard form rejections from agents who don't even give you the time of day to see a sample of your work, and then you submit to a bunch of publishers directly, almost all of whom send you back not only very encouraging responses, but offers... well, you see my point. The road was long and filled with trials, but it was a journey that was so worth it! I do not regret submitting to any of the agents I did, even if there were times when I had. Everything that I did while getting to where I am not was just another step in the journey and I am too happy where I am to regret any of it!

5. Besides The Thirteenth Chime, what books would you recommend for readers?

A) There are many wonderful books out there on the market - some new and some a few seasons old. I would heartily recommend any books by Tamora Pierce of Sharon Shinn. I loved some of the debut novels this year like Fallen, Beautiful Creatures and Once a Witch. I also really enjoy Rachel Vincent and other authors. The list goes on and on. I just absolutely adore reading!


6. Any advice for aspiring authors?

A) Never give up! The journey is long and difficult, but it is a journey I would make again in a heartbeat. Please never give up because I want to read your books one day too!

7. Why do you love book bloggers?

A) There are so many reasons. I was so worried about what people would think when I started blogging and instead it felt amazing because so many book bloggers are so open minded and welcomed me with open arms. I was able to be myself and have everyone reading understand, because they love reading as much as I do and in many cases even the same books! It was just so amaazing to be accepted for who I was by people who had never even met me in person anymore that it was really influential to me. I was able to discover new books and more than that, hear new opinions and consider sides of a story I may never have thought of before. One of the things that touched my heart the most is that I finally was sure that there were other people out there who had, had books touch their lives the way I have. For so many years I have read YA and Fantasy and for a while there weren't many other people I knew who did or even understood why I would but I just couldn't help loving it. Reading opens up an entirely new world, and then even more of them with each passing novel or inn some cases even each passing page and it means so much to me to have people to share it all with and now to share my debut novel with!

(*high-fives* Best answer to this question yet! We love you SFM!!!)

8. And for fun: You're at Starbucks. You only have $5 to spend. What would you order?

A) Mocha Java Chip Frappuccino! Granted I would come off like the March Hare in "Alice in Wonderland" according to my fiance, but he doesn't drink caffeine so he doesn't get it *laughs* but it's Mocha Java Chip!


Special thanks to Emma for dropping by and giving us some amazing, inspiring, and fun answers. MMM...Mocha Java Chip Frappuccino. *drools*

The Thirteenth Chime releases August 13th, 2010. Be sure to drop by Emma's website and check out The Thirteenth Chime. Come fall, when everyone's talking about it, won't you feel silly that you didn't check it out when I told you to? I think so...


  1. Great interview Emma and Lena! I'm looking forward to reading the Thirteenth Chime!!

  2. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word and for the amazing interview!!!! It means so much to me... Now I REALLY want a frappuccino again *laughs*

    Thank you!!!

    Emma Michaels

    P.S.- Thank you Karen!!! I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks!

  3. Wow, Great interview! I cannot wait to read and review THE THIRTEENTH CHIME :D

    Have a nice day!


  4. Great interview! I'm very excited about this book.

    Also stopping by to let you know I gave you an award over at my blog.

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