Friday, September 17, 2010

Review : Ascendant (Killer Unicorns #2)

Title: Ascendant (Killer Unicorns #2)
Author: Diana Peterfreund
Published: September 28th 2010 by HarperTeen
(Special thanks to my buddy, Karen, at FWIW for not only grabbing me an arc of Ascendant at BEA, but also getting it signed. I LUFF YOU!!!)

Now a fully trained unicorn hunter, Astrid Llewelyn is learning that she can’t solve all her problems with a bow and arrow. Her boyfriend has left Rome, the Cloisters is in dire financial straits, her best friend’s powers are mysteriously disintegrating, and her hope of becoming a scientist seems to be nothing but an impossible dream.

So when she’s given the opportunity to leave the Cloisters and use her skills as part of a scientific quest to discover the Remedy, Astrid leaps at the chance. Finally, she can have exactly what she wants—or can she? At Gordian headquarters deep in France, Astrid begins to question everything she had believed: her love for Giovanni, her loyalty to the Cloisters, and—most of all—her duty as a hunter. Should Astrid be saving the world from killer unicorns or saving unicorns from the world?

Thoughts: In one word: brilliant. Ascendant is the sequel to the very fabulous Rampant. There really are no words for how amazing this book is. Ascendant is jam packed full of action, drama, suspense, romance and heartache. Of all things, Ascendant is an emotional roller coaster that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

The story picks up almost right where Rampant leaves off. Astrid and the other unicorn hunters are still living in the Cloisters, only now, the world knows about them and their cause. Sadly, without Gordan picking up the tab, the girls are struggling keeping the Cloister up and running. On top of all this, Astrid must deal with Giovanni leaving Rome so he can go back to school in New York. As Astrid and the girls continue to hunt, she begins to regret the life she chose. She knows she must be a unicorn hunter, but she doesn't want to do it anymore. She wants to go to school, study medicine and live a normal life.

When her best friend Cory, the girl who hates unicorns most of all, begins to lose her hunting powers, Astrid can't help but feel jealous. Then, while travelling to France and investigating, Astrid receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Gordan Pharmaceuticals offers her a position to help research the Remedy. At first, Astrid feels torn. She's a unicorn hunter and wasn't it Gordan Pharmaceuticals that got them into trouble in the first place? After considering this, Astrid decides to take it. Her dream is to study medicine. What better way to combine her unicorn experience and love for medicine?

As Astrid begins to work in France, she begins to realize maybe hunting unicorns is wrong. She begins to question her life choices, the Cloisters and even her relationship with Giovanni. He's out living his life, and she can't help but feel left behind. Her life's falling apart and before she even realizes it, something happens that will change Astrid forever.

To start off, I have to tell you how much I adore Diana Peterfreund's writing. It's imaginative, well thought out and just marvelous. Now, onto the review!

How can I really describe this book without giving too much away? I cannot tell you the emotional roller coaster Ascendant took me on. Heartache after heartache. I honestly don't know how Astrid did it. Of all things, I must say that Astrid is definitely one strong, tough young lady.

Like me, if you're a fan of Giovanni, it pains me to say his presence in this book is quite bare. After all, he is in New York. I will tell you his absence will effect Astrid. In fact, there's a nice little twist in there which will keep you reading, and in my case, cringing.

I originally thought the Killer Unicorns was going to be a trilogy. I'm sad to say that unless there's more interest, there might not be a third book. For those who have yet to read Rampant, you must. And for those who have Rampant and are waiting for Ascendant, I honestly think you'll love it. BUT, with the way things end in Ascendant, I can't imagine not reading a third book. There's so many questions left unanswered and even more issues left untouched. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET THERE BE A THIRD BOOK! The saga must continue!

Rating: 5/5


  1. great review and I also read this book and it was action packed as you said. I came into reading this book ,and loved it.

  2. WHAT! WON'T THERE BE A THIRD BOOK? It HAS to be a third book! Ascendant was so pretty much more awesome than Rampant, for sure. Loved both the book and your review. :-)

  3. I loved this book! It was awesome, I REALLY hope a third book will be announced. Team Unicorn :)

  4. Thanks, everyone!!!


    @Raila- Yeah, on Diana's blog, she wrote that there might be a third book, but nothing is final. Unless there's more interest in Rampant and Ascendant, there might not be a third book. :(

  5. Yep, here's another series I'm going to have to pick up. You've been saying how great it is for a long time and now I've fallen for a short story by the author, so I /have/ to give in. :-)


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