Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smart Chicks Kick It Giveaway

I know you have all heard about the Smart Chicks Kick It tour. Let me tell you, it's awesome. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to attend the Houston stop, hosted by Blue Willow. While there, I got all my books signed by a lot of my favorite authors and had a blast.

To help celebrate the tour, I thought "Why not host a giveaway?" I ran this by a couple friends, and they had the same response: "BLEEP, YEAH!" Thus, the Smart Chicks Kick It Giveaway.

The Prize:

One winner will receive the poster shown above (which is signed by all the authors who attended the Houston stop) and a copy of any YA book written by these same authors. Here's a list of the authors:

-Melissa Marr
-Kelley Armstrong
-Alyson Noel
-Holly Black
-Cassandra Clare
-Sarah Rees Brennan
-Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


*You must be a follower to enter
*You must fill out THIS FORM.
*The book portion is open to international participants (provided the Book Depository delivers to your area), but the poster portion is for a US winner only. If an international winner is selected, a second US winner will be chosen for the poster.

An added bonus:

*If, by some miracle, I hit 500 followers, I will add a another winner! This person will also receive any YA book listed by the authors above.

This giveaway ends October 15th at midnight CST. Good luck!


  1. What an amazing giveaway! I want to go so badly and there's going to be a stop near my city so hopefully I can make it :D Thanks!

  2. I really hope you make it! It's a great experience, and all of the authors are ridiculously AMAZING! :)

  3. They aren't coming anywhere near me :( I really wish I could've went.

  4. thanks for the giveaway, international wouhou!!

  5. @Cari- I heard! Melissa told me. Aren't you Cari_tx from the Rath? I'm Lena Beana! :)

  6. Wonderful giveaway. ; ) Thanks.


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