Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Party Girl

Title: Party Girl
Author: Sabrina James
Published: January 1st 2011 by Point

Synopsis: From the author of SPRING FLING and BE MINE comes another romantic comedy sure to be on everyone's wish list!
When Brittany Pratt, former queen bee of North Ridge High, moves back to town after spending two years in London, the whole school is abuzz. But no one is more excited -- and maybe a little anxious -- than Brittany's former bff, and current North Ridge queen, Gretchen Brannigan. Gretchen is planning her dream sixteenth birthday party, and sharing it with Brittany is sure to be a blast ... right? Or will her perfectly Sweet Sixteen go sour?

Thoughts: Cute. Predictable, but cute. This is definitely a G-rated read, which is good for those looking for something their middle grader will enjoy. No profanity or anything!

Party Girl is told in third person and offers several different points of view. The main two are Carrie and Gretchen. They're best friends and have been since freshman year. Then Brittany, Grechen's old best friend, moves back. From the start, Carrie is wary of Gretchen's reunion with Brittany. But then, when Carrie's perfect life begins to fall apart, all signs point to Brittany. And thus, the drama begins!

One of the things I had issues with was the author's excessive use of exclaimation points. Everyone used them! Including the boys! Every other sentence seemed to include one! They even used them when the characters were whispering! (!!!!!!!!!). You get what I mean. It took away from the story, so I just wish there weren't so many.

One voice I wish was included in the story was Brittany's. It's always nice to see the villian's POV, and when she's the only one left out, it's not as fun. I would have loved to see what she thought of all the characters and how it all played out in her head. Plus, it would have been fun to see what she was up to instead of hearing about it second hand.

The plot itself was very predictable. At times, I felt like the author was reaching a bit when trying to develope drama. There weren't really any surprises. If you're an avid reader (and even if you're not), you know how everything will play out.

All and all, the book is a quick, easy read. I finished it in one night. If you're looking for something you don't have to think much about, this would be a good one. I would recommend this to you younger readers out there. To all you older readers, the story might be a little tiresome.


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  1. Cute reads are sometimes necessary between those emotional paranormal/dystopian books

  2. I usually try my best to finish books, but this . . . *sigh* I just couldn't. I deeply disliked the characters. One-dimensional, flimsy. The voice didn't sound authentic. The story was unappealing and predictable. I gave up on page 70. I figure I had the whole story panned out by then. Thanks for the review.

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