Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Across The Universe All Across The Web!!!

Did you know Across The Universe releases today. YAAAAY! Congrats, Beth! You must check this book out. It is AMAZING! To help celebrate the launch of Across The Universe, I wanted to post a view special goodies that are going around the web. First off, a few words with Beth herself:

Next, be sure to check out the fully launched Across The Universe website. And be sure to explore the ship, Godspeed! My personal favorite part about the ship is the Recorder Hall. Just look at it. Books everywhere. Definitely a book addict and historian's dream!

If you haven't yet, take a look at the Across The Universe trailer. It's pretty freakin' cool:

Here are some more links I highly recommend taking a gander at:
Across The Universe Facebook page
Beth Revis's Website
Beth's Blog
Beth's Twitter
Penguin Teen's Website
Penguin Teen's Twitter
Penguin Teen's Facebook

Finally, be sure to check out io9.com at 11:11am EST. They will be posting a 111 page preview of Across The Universe till 11:11pm EST. EEP! Epic!

I know there's a lot of excitement about it, but don't forget to grab your copy of Across The Universe. I recommend nabbing it from Barnes and Noble online. They have it for $10.52 (41 % off!).

Special thanks to Anna Jarzab and Penguin Teen for putting all this together/hosting this. And special thanks to Jeremy at Novel Thoughts for creating the banner.


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