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Review : Where I Belong

Title: Where I Belong
Author: Gwendolyn Heasley
Published: February 8th 2011 by HarperTeen
Source: Arc courtesy of Around The World Tours

Summary: Corrinne Corcoran’s upscale Manhattan life is perfectly on track—until her father announces he’s been laid off and she’s shipped off to Broken Spoke, Texas, to live with her grandparents. All alone in a big public school and forced to take a job shoveling manure, Corrinne is determined to get back to the glamorous life she’s supposed to be living. But as she grudgingly adjusts—making new friends and finding romance along the way—this city girl begins to realize that life without credit cards and shopping sprees may not be as bad as it seems....

In this sparkling debut that flawlessly balances romance and humor, readers will grow to love sharp and sassy Corrinne as she goes on her totally reluctant but completely irresistible journey of self-discovery.

Thoughts: Very cute. I did have an issue stereotyping Texans as these boot wearing people with hick names, but it's still cute.

Where I Belong is a story about a girl named Corrinne, who's father loses his job and has no choice but to send her and her brother to live in Texas with her grandparent's. Used to living the glamarous and easy life, Corrinne has no idea what to expect. All she knows is that she must find a way back to her Boarding school and back to the life she's always known. Little does she know that Texas and those scoops of reality outside her New York life maybe exactly what she needs.

I'll admit, in the beginning, I wasn't really a fan of Corrinne. I don't know anyone who enjoys listening to spoiled little brats complain about how they have it so bad. Plus, I hated the way she treated her mother and brother. Throughout the book,however, you'll see her progress from a wannabe Sex and the City girl, to a more humble, yet still a bit the same type of person. Hey, at least it's realistic, right? Not everyone does a complete 180! The point I'm trying to get at is, her character grew on me. I liked watching her admire the cheaper-sometimes-free side of life. After all, aren't the best things in life free?

One character I loved from the beginning to the end was Corrinne's little brother, Tripp. He was just adorable and very mature for his age. If I had a little brother, I'd want him to be a Tripp. Oh, and lets not forget Kitsy. She's the first person to befriend Corrinne in Texas and is just a doll. She's a great example of Southern hospitality and what it means to be a true friend. She doesn't have much, and while she'd love to be a makeup artist/stylist, she still knows there are better things in life than clothes and social status.

Now, on to swoon-worthy boys. While this book is more about personal growth, there is still a nice touch of romance. The only character I felt drawn to was Bubby. He was only in the book a handful of times, but those moments were precious. Bubby and Corrinne have that "if a boy pushes you down, it's because he likes you" type of relationship. It's very charming.

Overall, I did enjoy Where I Belong. It was a nice, quick read with a bit of laughter, romance and fun.


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  1. Sounds super adorable and fun!

  2. Aw, this looks cute! Thanks for the warning on Corinne--I like to know when I'm in for herowhine. :-)

  3. I really want to read this one, it sounds fun and cute. Great review! =)

  4. Sounds like a cute YA read...I will have to check it out for myself. Love your blog design btw. Cabn't wait to check out more reviews on your site!


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