Thursday, February 10, 2011

Better Know A Blogger: Eleni from La Femme Readers

Better Know A Blogger is where we interview bloggers around the blogosphere we think you should check out. This portion of Better Know A Blogger is brought to you by Eleni from La Femme Readers. Please welcome her to Addicted 2 Novels!

1. What is your name/blogger name? My name is Eleni, nice to meet ya!

2. What is the name of your blog: La Femme Readers /

3. Do you have an auto-buy author, someone whose writing is so good, you have to read everything they write? Yes! So many actually, I'll just name a few though:
-Cassandra Clare (I worship that woman's writing to death)
-Simone Elkeles (One of the sweetest, best selling authors who continually steps the bar for bad boy characters)
-Lauren Oliver (Ever since I finished the masterpiece, Before I Fall, I will now read anything by her!),

4. Who is your all-time favorite couple in literature? (And/Or favorite male character) Hm, good question! I'd have to say Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The undeniable chemistry between the two was electrifyingly delicious.

5. Do you have an e-reader? Do you prefer e-books or regular books, or use both? Yes, I have a Kindle. I do prefer hard copies, but due to my lack of space I have to sometimes rely on e-books.
6. What are your Top 5 picks for the best books of 2010? Here we go in no particular order...
1) Nevermore by Kelly Creagh (LOVED it - and hottie alert with Varen!)
2) Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (Hauntingly beautiful)
3) Hex Hall (Book #1) by Rachel Hawkins (So fun!)
4) Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson (This road trip was perfect)
5) The Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1) by Cassandra Clare (Amazing start to yet another series by Cassandra)

7. What book or series has been sitting in your TBR the longest? Oh boy, my TBR is so large I don't even know anymore. I know I've had the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead in that pile for a while. Did I hear some gasps? I will get to it soon, just have other review books that I need to read first. :)

Ya know what?! I have yet to read Blood Promise and Last Sacrifice, so I can totally relate. Thank you so much ,Eleni, for taking the time out to answer a few questions. Everyone, be sure to check out Eleni's blog where she hosts giveaways, contests, and writes amazing reviews!

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  1. Awesome interview! I love blogger interviews, they're fun. I agree with the Vampire Academy series! I've been wanting to read them for a VERY long time.

  2. Thank you for interviewing me, it was fun!

  3. Lovely interview and Eleni *gasp* Vampire Academy? Put everything else down, you are going to adore it I just know it, read it now missy!

  4. Eleni: Go read Vampire Academy right now! A lot of what's on your top five is on my bookshelf and I'm currently reading Hex Hall.

    La Femme Readers is one of my go to blogs everyday as is Addicted 2 Novels!

  5. Very intereresting reading. thx



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