Friday, February 4, 2011

Interview With Megan McCafferty

The Jessica Darling series is one of my favorite series. After I finished reading Perfect Fifths last year, I literally hugged my book. I adored every minute of it. Now, with BUMPED coming out in April, I am thrilled, THRILLED, to have Megan McCafferty on my blog. Please welcome Megan to Addicted 2 Novels!

1. How would you describe Bumped for someone how has never heard of it?

It’s 2036 and only teenagers can get pregnant because of the spread of a global infertility virus. Bumped follows sixteen-year-old identical twins that were separated at birth and raised in drastically different environments. Melody has been groomed her whole life to be a “Surrogette” who gets paid to deliver a baby for a wealthy couple. (Her controlling mother and father are the ultimate “Tiger Parents.”) Harmony has grown up in a deeply religious community that requires girls to marry at 13 and have as many babies as possible. Both girls come to question everything they’ve ever been brought up to be and believe.

Bumped sounds grim, so early readers have expressed surprise at how funny it is. It’s being billed as dystopian—a genre I never imagined myself writing—but the story is full of satirical humor that keeps it from being as dark and depressing as many books in that category.

2. Is Bumped going to be a series, and if so, how many books will be in the series?

I’m bucking the trilogy trend. Bumped will have a sequel and that’s it. The narrative shifts back and forth between Melody and Harmony, so two books makes sense to me.

3. What inspired you to write Bumped?

Everything in Bumped is inspired by real life. My interest began with the infamous Gloucester High School “pregnancy pact,” grew with the surprising confessions made by Bristol Palin and Jamie Lyn Spears, and deepened with the popularity of “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” I did more than a year’s worth of reading and research—on surrogate motherhood, twins, adoption, so much more—to ground my craziest notions in reality.

But Bumped isn’t a “teen pregnancy” book per se. I’m more interested in how our society—and media in particular—responds to controversial issues. Extreme thinking gets all the attention, which crowds out moderate discussion and makes it almost impossible to find common ground. I hope Bumped inspires thoughtful conversation about tough topics for readers of all ages.

4. Are there any snacks you must have when writing?

There’s a certain brand of green tea that runs so deeply in my veins that I unintentionally named a character in Bumped after it. And I must have a taste of dark chocolate after lunch every day or I can’t function the rest of the afternoon. Well, I can function, but I do so very crankily.

5. Are you currently working on any new projects?

I’m ¾ of the way finished with the first draft of the sequel to BUMPED. And I’ve already got my feelers out for my next project after that. This basically means that I’m doing a lot of reading and note-taking right now. There are certain topics I’m very interested in and I’m wondering if I can turn all that mess in my head into a book that someone would actually want to read.

6. Who is your all-time favorite literary couple?

The Missing Piece and The Big O.

7. Any advice for aspiring authors?

Write what you love and you’ll love what you write.

A special thanks to Megan. For more on Megan and BUMPED, check out her website here! And don't forget to follower her on Twitter, where Megan hosts the occasional giveaway and updates you on all things BUMPED!

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  1. Fantastic interview, great questions! I saw Bumped on a GR list the other day, and now I know it's definitely something to stick on the ol' wishlist.
    -Rachel Star

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I'm super excited about Bumped. I've only heard great things!

  3. Great interview! Bumped is way up on my TBR pile...I'll get to it soon! I am really diggin' the two book idea. I am a little "over" sequels. ;)


  4. Bumped sounds like a fascinating book. I think I'll have to see if I can find a copy. Thanks for the interview and the tip.

  5. This sounds like it should be a good book. I'd not heard of it before.

    I love her favorite literary couple!

    Great interview!

  6. Great interview Lena & Megan. I had never heard of Bumped before but it sounds fantastic and is now on my list!
    I'm also beyond happy that it's just two books and not the required trilogy.

  7. I love the Jessica Darling series and I'm really looking forward to Bumped. Thanks for the great post.

  8. Great interview! This has made me even more excited to read this book.

  9. Lovely interview! I loved Megan's Jessica Darling series so I can't wait to read Bumped. It looks like it will be epic!

  10. doesn't bumped sound AMAZING? i hope i can snag it off netgalley! ive still to read the jessica darling series, but ive a feeling ill love it :)


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