Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Writing Contest + Lauren Oliver Chat

Over at inkpop, they are hosting their weekly writing contest. This week's contest is based on the fourth novel in the Evernight series, Afterlife by Claudia Gray. Here's how it works:

Write a story, poem or essay that pits two characters who must overcome a great challenge to be together. It can be about two people who live on opposite sides of the world, whether physically apart or emotionally apart. Simple and fun, right?

Now a writer? That's okay. Two writers and two COMMENTERS will all win a copy of Afterlife, plus THREE books of their choice from the HarperTeen catalog. Whoa, awesome much?

For more info, rules and where to enter, check out inkpop by clicking HERE.

Moving on, does the lady in the picture look familiar to you? Why, it's just bestselling author Lauren Oliver. Before I Fall and Delirium are high on my "Geez, I freaking love this book, I wish she'd write more, faster" list, and now here's your (and my!) chance to chat with Lauren herself.

On Sunday, March 20th at 2:00 EST, head on over to inkpop and have your chance to chat with the amazing Lauren Oliver as she discusses what it takes to maintain a consistent audience and write a bestselling novel! WOOOO, so excited!

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  1. I can't wait to meet her when she comes to Texas again.

  2. Plain and simple! I like your work!


  3. Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.


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