Friday, August 26, 2011

Little, Brown Books Giveaway

Please ignore my unmade bed, and take a look at these books! Little Brown has some amazing books coming out this year, and I thought, why not share the wealth? But you're not going to win just one book. Oh, no no no...what you'll win is one book/arc that's released for every month till the new year (except January, which was replaced with a February release).

The Prize:

*Dark Parties by Sara Grant
*The Shattering by Karen Healey
*Bunheads by Sophie Flack
*DJ Rising by Love Maia
*Wintertown by Stephen Emond

To enter, just fill out THIS FORM. This is only open to US participants, however, if you are an international participant, and have a US address I can send the books to, feel free to enter! This giveaway will end September 15th.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Wow, thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Filled out the form, and I do follow you (on Twitter and GFC) but GFC name is Karmagrrl and does not match my email. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Wow, this is so cool. Whoever wins this is so lucky.

  4. this is an awesome give away thanks for the chance!!

  5. Nice! This giveaway sounds amazing. Thanks

  6. Love the giveaway! Thanks so much!

    I accidently sent in my form before I completed, so I resent it again completed. Sorry!

  7. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! (:


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