Sunday, January 29, 2012

In My Mailbox...Sort of

I originally planned on posting my ALA books from last weekend, but I thought I'd do something a little different. Instead, I am posting the books that I donated to the Houston Public Library, aka "Friends Warehouse."

Carrying that to the car and into the center? Not so much fun. I think I bruised my bottom.

I'm not posting this because I want people to think "Oh Lena! You're such a good person!". No. If I wanted attention, I'd video tape myself dancing the funky chicken naked and post it on YouTube.

The reason I'm posting this is because there has been so much negative energy flying around the internet about ALA and bloggers. While I understand where everyone is coming from, I also think that instead of spending all that time being angry and arguing with each other, maybe everyone should spend it doing something good. I get it. Certain things piss me off, too. When I see someone wearing a brown belt and black shoes, I want to run up to them and scream "No! Fashion faux pas, much?!", then tweet about it and tag Joan Rivers in the process. The thing is, what does that solve? Nothing. What's done is done and while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, hurting someone else's feelings only creates another problem. There shouldn't be a librarians vs bloggers, bloggers vs bloggers, elephants vs bloggers war. We're all doing this because we love books and want to share that love with others, right?

There is so much hatred in the world, it's insane. Instead of adding to that, maybe we should all turn that negative energy into something good. Volunteer to help others, donate things to Goodwill or a shelter or donate books you know you won't read again to the library. So many people in the world are worse off than the rest of us that we forget how fortunate we are. I guess what I'm trying to say in my own hippy way is make peace, not war.

Love me or hate me for it, but that's how I feel.


  1. Fabulous post! I think it's sad that people are being so mean to each other. (Especially those Elephants!!) And being mad (and keeping to yourself) is one thing, but verbally attacking over the internet is just unacceptable. I think it's great that you donated all those books, and I hope that everyone stops being so pissy at each other soon. I like it better when people are happy.

  2. Excellente. I did the same thing last night. I went through my books. I also picked up MG & Adult books, because there wasn't a librarian from my town. I sorted through to get them to the appropriate library = 5 schools + 1 community library.

    Love your hippie vibe.

    Amy @

  3. LOVE this post!! Well said!! I've got three piles of books sitting here going to different donation places. There's so many places in need of books and kudos to you for the huge donations you made! I think some people focus to much on the negativity and don't stop to think that maybe some people are getting books to help out their communities and not just themselves. Either way, it shouldn't matter. There's more important things to worry about than that.

  4. I definitely LOVE you for this!!!!!!!

  5. Lena! You are just awesome! You talk alot of sense if everyone was and thought like you this world would be a better place. Books are for people to have fun and learn and forget life for just a while. Arguing over them is just stupid!

  6. Thanks, everyone! I'm so glad you guys feel the same way and are also donating to good causes. That's why I love y'all!!!


  7. geez I have no idea what it's going on or why bloggers are attacking each other but I applaud this post!

  8. @Amy- I completely agree. There are always friends to vent to if you feel the need, but verbally attacking others online is unacceptable!

    @Amy- You're a rock star! LOVE YOU!

    @Katie- I completely agree with everything you said. Loads of people use books to help out their community or for good causes. We should all stop putting so much emphasis on the negative instead of focusing on the positive.

    @Ginger- I love you, too :-)

    @Jess- That's funny b/c I think you're made of win, too.

    @Megan- Oh, I absolutely agree. It's so silly to focus on such petty things. Let's all just escape in a good book instead.

    @Roro- Aww, thank you! :-)

  9. LENA! Everything going on the last few days has just made me so sad. This was so great. Kudos to you for this post and for your donation of books. Sorry to hear your tush was hurting. Hahah. Love your face and yay for books!

  10. I just picked up 9 books yesterday for donations... You were a big help last year for the Austin Children's Shelter too. Enjoy all of your awesome ALA books!


  11. This post was more or less FULL OF WIN. I think that this is a very productive reaction to a negative situation, and I hope more people take it to heart. Even if libraries aren't always able to put donated books on the shelf, friends organizations still sell them for library funds, and librarians can give them to people in need!

  12. It's breaking my heart that everyone is feeling so defensive. A handful of people who behaved badly is really bringing everyone down! This is awesome that you're donating so much. As a former teen services library assistant I can tell you that the library and the teens are going to really appreciate it!
    Happy Reading and enjoy what you picked up at ALA! Megan @ Read It, See It

  13. That is so nice of you to donate all those books! :) There should be more of a focus on this in the blogging community than any sort of drama.

    I completely agree with you, there should not be any sort of vs. whatsoever. We are all doing this for the love of reading and we should be building each other up and supporting one another and not being negative.

    great post.

  14. Blogger vs blogger or author vs blogger is always so sad and frustrating to witness. But elephants vs bloggers? I might actually want to see that, provided no one gets hurt.

  15. Can't we all get along??

    Elephant vs blogger would solve everything though. He would sit on us. Problem solved lol

    You are the bestest Leana Beana!! My bag of books goes to the library this week.

  16. Lovely thought, Lena. (:
    It's a shame all that hatred spread in the world; we all live in the same place, is too much to ask that everyone becomes more... tolerant?
    I wish everyone would think just like you about this.

    pd. You could open a library by your own ! O:

  17. Well said. :) I ought to go through my piles of books and donate some to my local library...


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