Monday, February 13, 2012

Better Know A Blogger: Ginger From GReads!

Better Know A Blogger is a feature hosted by Karen from For What It's Worth, Tiger from All-Consuming Media, and myself. Basically, we interview bloggers we think you should know. I'm super excited to have Ginger from GReads! on my blog today. She's not only an awesome blogger with some of the best memes out there but also one of my good friends. Without further ado, GINGER!

Name: Ginger

Blog: GReads!

Blogging since: September 2010

How did you get the name for your blog?

A friend of mine (who does not blog, but is an avid-reader) came up with the name! Obviously the "G" stands for Ginger (my name) and I do in fact read ;) I wanted something simple, but a bit personalized too. I think it's a great fit for me... but make sure you use the proper capitalization and/or space or else it looks like I blog at "greads" haha.

How have your reading habits changed since you started blogging?

So much! When I first started blogging, YA paranormal is mainly what I read. Then I learned about this lovely little genre called YA contemporary and WOW - it has stolen my heart!!! I am definitely reading a lot more, as well. In fact I even canceled my cable because I just wasn't watching nearly enough TV as I used to. I know, shocking! But it's been almost a year without it & so far I am still content with my decision. I'd rather spend the money on books, anyway :)

How do you choose which book to read next?

It varies. Usually when a friend or another blogger hypes up a book that they know I'll love, that book moves up the TBR pile. I trust a lot of people's opinions and can be easily persuaded. I have to keep in mind the review books that I receive as well. I try to incorporate a review book, along with a "I'm reading this because I want to & not because someone sent it to me" book as well. It's all about balance!

Who is your favorite literary couple?

I have a few, but the couple who feels the most real to me - Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie. I adored reading the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. Her wit & humor kept me turning the pages and wanting to know the in's and out's of this hysterical relationship between Jessica and Marcus. The boy bought her a Berry Manilow toilet seat cover. If that's not love, then I don't know what is!

What book are you looking forward to the most this year?

I have a handful that I have literally marked my calendar for & can not wait to get my hands on! They are: In Honor by Jessi Kirby (already got it & read it! so fantastic!), Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready, Insurgent by Veronica Roth, and Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

Ginger, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I'm sure anyone who has read the Jessica Darling series will agree that Marcus Flutie is sa-wooooon-worthy. Only the best boys are Manilownies. Everyone, be sure to leave Ginger some love in the comments below!!!



  1. Great interview - both questions and answers! I am really looking forward to Insurgent too! I haven't heard of the others you've mentioned but I'll be sure to check them out! :D

  2. I'm just amazed that Ginger got through a whole interview without using the words "Safety Suit!"

  3. I love learning stuff about other bloggers. I can't believe there was no mention of music at all. I am looking forward to reading the Jessica Darling series. I won it and can't wait for it to come in. I have already Pre-ordered Insurgent. I am dying to read it.

  4. Aww. Trust me, it was tempting not to mention music or SafetySuit ;) haha

    Thank you Lena for featuring me! Love you like WOAH!! xoxo

  5. GREADS!! lol #ALAMW12Memories (Yeah I just hashtagged this comment)

    I love Ginger, she's the sweetest. :) And I really need to read the Jessica Darling series already. *hides*

  6. GREADS, lol. Ya know, I'm really surprised Ginger didn't mention SafetySuit, too. Gotta love her. :-)


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