Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Better Know A Blogger With Jacinda From The Reading Housewives (of Indiana)

Better Know A Blogger is a feature hosted by Karen at For What It's Worth, Tiger at All-Consuming Media, and myself, where we feature bloggers we think you should know. This week, I'm pleased to feature the amazing Jacinda from The Reading Housewives (of Indiana). Take it from here, Jacinda!

Name: Jacinda

Blog: The Reading Housewives (of Indiana)


Blogging since: January 10th, 2011

How did you get the name for your blog?

My sister and I decided we wanted to start a blog together. We both were throwing names back and forth at each other trying to come up with a name. Someway, somehow Jasmine came up with The Reading Housewives of Indiana and it stuck! We both didn’t have jobs at the time and were just homemakers. Obviously she came up with the name because of all of the “Housewives” reality television shows on Bravo. I’ll admit, I pretty much drop the “of Indiana” part of our name when I say/type it anymore. It’s such a LONG name!

How have your reading habits changed since you started blogging?

A little. I read knowing I have to review. So I think about what I will write in my review while reading it. I’ve tried taking notes on occasion, but that just doesn’t work me. I try to not let review deadlines hinder my reading. I do my best to not overly request/get review copies so I’m still able to read what I want to read. I call myself an emotional reader and I can’t force myself to read something I’m not in the mood for.

How do you choose which book to read next?

Oh geez. This is a hard one. I pick a book to read next in different ways. Sometimes I ask Twitter. Sometimes it’s a book I need to read asap for review. Sometimes it’s a book I randomly pick up off the shelf. Sometimes it’s a book that I see at the library that looks interesting to me. Sometimes it’s a book I see someone talking about on the internets and I want to read it asap so I buy it as an ebook. It all depends on my mood as well. Lately I’m pretty much only wanting to read contemporary, so I’m reading as much of that as I possibly can.

Who is your favorite literary couple?

I have to say this. Even though I don’t enjoy the books as much as I used to, these are the first two people who popped into my head…Edward and Bella. Seriously, don’t hate me! I was obsessed with the Twilight series after I read it. I read ONLY fanfiction for at least a year before I picked up your standard book. Since I’m not Teem Peeta, I feel like this couple was my only option.

What book are you looking forward to the most this year?

Toxic by Jus Accardo. If you haven’t visited my blog before, you probably wouldn’t know that Touch by Jus Accardo was my favorite book last year. I can’t wait to read book number two in the series! If you haven’t read Touch yet, you need to do so NOW!

Hmm, I still need to read Touch! Jacinda, thank you so much for dropping by Addicted 2 Novels today! Be sure to check out her and Jasmine's blog, where she hosts giveaways, interviews, reviews, and much, much more!


  1. It's always nice to hear about new bloggers and The Reading Housewives have now been added to my Google Reader :-) Thanks both for the interview!

  2. Than you Amanda!

    And thanks Lena for having me on your blog!

  3. Yay Jacinda!! Love getting to know a little bit more about bloggers. Great interview and answers!! I'm an emotional reader too, I have to read what I'm really in the mood for.

  4. I love the Housewives :) Jacinda, you always crack me up b/c I know you're one of the first to go grab a book that I relentlessly gush about on twitter. It's awesome & so are you!

  5. Everything Jacinda said about her reading habits is exactly how I feel. I'm a very emotional reader, too. It's so fun to see you featured Jacinda! :) It's been fun getting to know you via Twitter.


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