Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dauntless Street Team-We Want You!

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You heard me right, folks. We want you to join the Dauntless Street Team. Don't you want to be part of the Fearless crew? Who knows, we'll might even let you spend the day with Four and Tris. ;-)

If you'd like to sign up to be a part of the street team, click HERE. Throughout the month of April, Team Dauntless will come up with fun weekly assignments for everyone to participate in. After all, what are we if not a fun loving group?

Street Team Prizes
- Signed copy of DIVERGENT
- Copy of INSURGENT (from The Book Depository)
- HUGE box of ARCs (to be announced soon -US/CA only)
- The Hunger Games (paperback)
- Swag packs (including FACTION TATTOOS) each week

Important Links
- We can now use two different links for our buttons and tweets.

The links are:
Dauntless Tumblr page:
HarperTeen's Insurgent page:
Please make sure you use the links only. They are the only two that count.

Feel free to change your avatar on Twitter and grab any of the Dauntless buttons for your blog.


*This week's assignment is to tweet the following: "#IfIWasFearless _______". Be sure to hashtag #TeamDauntless, #DivergentNation and After all, we want the biggest, baddest street team on the block, right? Here's an example of what I tweeted yesterday:

"#IfIWasFearless I would eat head cheese. Sick! #TeamDauntless #DivergentNation"

*#FEARLESSFRIDAY. To participate, tweet or post a picture of yourself doing something cool and fearless, or post a picture of something fearless you would like to do someday.

Each week we will be coming up with a challenge for street team members. Everyone who completes this challenge within the time-frame will be entered to win a swag giveaway for that week. For this week, please try to submit your link by Monday, the 9th.

- The challenge is to make a vlog of you or your friends talking about being DAUNTLESS. Think of the question "What does it mean to be Dauntless?" You can also tie this into #FearlessFriday and share the things you would do if you were fearless for a while. We know that a lot of people have a fear of vlogs, so that can be your fearless task :)

You can link your vlog's youtube URL or, if you'd like, create a blog post and link it that way. Once you have completed this challenge, make sure you sign up below with your link and email in order to be entered to win the swag! Swag packs include faction tattoos and we may even throw in a surprise book!

We are all so thrilled to have you guys on board. Please contact us with any questions and send us links if you post about the Dauntless team! We'll be sure to re-tweet it :) We really appreciate all the hard work you all are doing to help Team Dauntless win!

Most importantly, be sure to have fun. We love y'all like whoa.

Here's a list of Team Dauntless members. You'll want to follow them, as they will be doing giveaways throughout the month of April. Yay!

*Anna Reads
*Confessions of a Bookaholic
*Divergent Fans- Our fearless faction leader!
*Divergent Nation
*Good Books And Good Wine
*Once Upon A Twilight
*Pageturner's Blog
*Lindsay Cummings
*Tales of the Ravenous Reader


  1. What a fun idea!! #TeamDauntless FTW!!

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