Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top Ten Books That Were Totally Deceiving

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is the Top Ten Books That Were Totally Deceiving. Whether it's the cover or summary, in a good way or a bad way, we've all been deceived at some point. Let's get this started!

THE HUNGER GAMES: I'll admit, the cover threw me off. It's a sin to judge a book by it's cover, and that's what I did. I'm so glad I went with my instincts, ignored the cover, and gave this book a chance because it's simple fabulous!

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE: You definitely can't judge HP by the cover nor the summary. This book isn't just for children and offers it's readers a splendid journey.

KISS CRUSH COLLIDE: I thought this book would be as steamy as Perfect Chemistry, but it wasn't. The cover and the summary were both misleading. :-(

PERFECT CHEMISTRY: Speaking of Perfect Chemistry, when my friend Tiger first recommended it to me, I had my doubts. Super glad I sucked it up and finally read it because it is completely made of win!

TRIS & IZZIE: Oh goodness, how I love this cover. And I love retellings of tragic couples, but I just could not get into this book. Trust me, no one was more disappointed than me.

THE SUMMER OF SKINNY DIPPING: I thought this was going to be a cute summer read, but it ended up going into a whole new direction. Personally, I would've preferred something a little lighter.

GRAFFITI MOON: To be honest, I knew I'd like Graffiti Moon, but I didn't know how much I would love it. Believe me, the cover and summary don't do it justice. It really should have a giant "READ ME NOW" sticker on it.

SAVING JUNE: Again, I didn't know what to expect when I first picked it up. The cover is cute, and I liked the summary but I didn't realize how deep and moving this story would be. Ahh, how I loved it.

ONCE IN A FULL MOON: Oh, how I really wanted to love this book. I guess it just didn't meet whatever expectations I built in my head.

PARTY: The summary and cover are both okay and doesn't really have anything that stands out. The story itself? Incredible! Loved, loved, loved it!

That's it, folks! Do you guys agree with any books on my list? What would be on your top ten list?


  1. YES to like 3/4 of your list. Oh, how I loved Saving June. I neeeeed a copy of Graffiti Moon. I should make that happen sometime soon. :) xoxo Great list, lady!

  2. I think this week's topic is a fascinating look at how influential covers/blurbs/jacket copy can be. Interesting list!

  3. Definitely the covers for HP and Tris & Izzie had me fooled. Back in middle school I did read books but I had never read any as thick as HP so that also along with its cover made me stay away but then I saw the movie and ignored all that and jumped into the books. Tris & Izzie, the cover, the retelling of a tragic love story. I thought I was going to love it but I couldn't even finish the first chapter. It's a crime really, look at that cover!

  4. You didn't like THG cover? That's because there isn't a swoony couple lol

    I liked it. oh well....I REALLY agree with KCC. Bummed. Me. Out. And I was happily surprised by HP, PC and Party. Great books - boring covers.

    The one that surprised me most would be Split by Swati Avasthi. This is such an amazing book & the cover actually fits once you read it but it's fairly boring to someone who's browsing the shelves. The new pb cover is better.

    Ok - that's my ramble for today. <3 U

  5. Oooh I must add Party to my list!! I definitely agree with The Hunger Games, I totally judged that one by its cover too and was blown away after reading it.

  6. Oh right with Tris and Izzie, but I never read that one. Agree with you about perfect chemistry, Hunger Games

  7. Kiss Crush Collide does look like it would be a nice steamy read. I'm kind of sad that it isn't.

  8. Interesting! I love hearing your thoughts on books. I need to read Perfect Chemistry.

  9. When I saw HP's cover the first time I couldn't help but think it was beyond cheesy :P
    I just adore the cover of Tris & Izzie but after all the bad reviews I figured it just wouldn't be worth my time.


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