Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movies/TV Shows That Should Be Books

Often we think about books that should be movies, but what about the opposite? I'm sure you've done this, too, but have you ever watched a TV show or movie and thought "Dude, that would make one heck of a book series!"? I know I have...many, many times. For example, whenever I watch this show...

I can't help but think of how epic this TV show turned book series would be. I mean, there could be alternating points of views. Think of all the transitions! Each chapter could rotate between the present and the past (aka the rhelm of magic). Oh, and all the princes to swoon over! I would love to swoon over Price Charming in written word as well as on the tv screen.

WORD! And think of all the details the book series could include. I often wonder more about Snow White as well as the dwarfs, Henry, Emma, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and yes, even Regina (that evil meanie!). If it were to have a book cover, I would imagine it would look like this:

and/or this:

Sure the show offers plenty of details, but I'm just a glutton for more!

BTW, I'm going to feel like a total idiot if this TV series is already based on a book. *smh*


  1. I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen an ep yet, though I know it's supposed to be great!! And it's even filmed where I live!! Okay, I blame writing. That's an good excuse, right? Thanks for the post, Lena!

  2. Pretty sure it's not a book series, so I think you're okay. :) My sister loves this series though so I'm sure she would agree with you. I often think about that too...so many books are movies these days, it's a bummer when a movie I really love is NOT a book. There is this indie film called Shelter that I would love to read...I think someone wrote a based-on-the-movie book, but for whatever reason, I don't think they went and released it. Bummer.


  3. I looked it up and it doesn't seem to be based on a book or book series ^_^. I've only seen one episode of this show so far which is sad because it looks like something I'd really enjoy. I'll have to get my hands on the DVD release so I can watch season 1. Those promo images would make awesome book covers.

    I can't say I've ever thought of a movie or TV show that could be a book/book series. I'll have to think about that one.

  4. I thought that it was already a book ( fairy tales) and all the different characters. My oldest daughter loves to watch this show with me.

  5. Probably one of my favorite TV shows I think it would be a fantastic book series!

  6. Once Upon a Time!!! I so need to catch up on this show. I'm three or four episodes behind. Thank god for Hulu! :)

  7. A thousand times, YES! I DVR'd them all so hopefully I can do a rewatch in the middle of June.

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  8. Yeah, I googled it a bunch and didn't find any results book wise. I think I'm good, lol.

    @Elsie- I've already scolded you, lol.

    @Lauren- I agree! So often are books transformed into movies, but rarely the opposite happens. There are spinoffs like "Stefan's Diaries", but it's rare. I've never heard of Shelter, but I'm definitely going to google it now!

    @Sandy- Shame on you! Please watch the series ASAP. It's pretty amazing. :D

    @Julie- Yeah, it's based on fairy tale characters, but the stories are wildly different, and the fairy tale characters also have to spend time in "our" world. It also gives more depth to the "evil" characters in the show rather than fairy tales that just deplict evil as evil without reason. Does that make sense? :-P

    @Natalie: OOOOOOH, yes. Hulu, stat! Wait till you get to the season finale. Brilliant!

    @Amber- MEEEEE TOOOOO! lol.

  9. I love Once Upon A Time and this better be coming back soon with a season 2. I agree this would make an extremely awesome book series. Then I could swoon over Prince Charming anytime I wanted lol. Grimm would also be a great series, they could even have the creatures drawn in the books just like in the show.

  10. Ahhhhhhh I'm in love with this television show! I (L) fairytales, I (L) watching movies and shows, so those two combined is total awesomeness :D

  11. I have been saying this since the first few episodes. I also thought the same thing for LOST, which is has the same creators as OUAT. I would totally buy the books for OUAT.

  12. O.M.G. I could not agree more! I absolutely love this show and would be all over the book version.

  13. One of the things that i love about this show is that no one is purely evil or purely good. The backstory on what made the villains turn bad makes you feel sorry for them. How often does a televidsion show give you that kind of charcter depth? I would absolutely buy the books if someone turned this into a written series.

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