Friday, June 22, 2012

ALA Bound. Watch Out Anaheim, Here We Come!

Hey Guys! Today, I'm heading off to Anaheim for ALA 2012. Sadly, I do have to work (BLAH!) so I'll miss today's festivities, but I'll be there the rest of the week. I'm super excited to see and spend time with my homies (and roommates!) Magan from Rather Be Reading, Christin from Portrait of a Book, and Jen, as well as the rest of y'all.

Other things I'm excited about? Oh, ya know, meeting authors like Miranda Kennealy, Maggie Stiefvater, David Levithan, Laini Taylor, and more. EEP!!! If you're going, be sure to check out the authors' signing list here.

If you're going to be there (cough, Julie...Kai), I'd love to meet/hang out you! Just tweet me and let me know!

Also, the fantabulous ladies from YA Highway are hosting a very awesome blogger, author, librarian, martian, etc meet up on Saturday. For details, check out their blog!

Hope to see y'all there!!!



  1. Hi Lena, luv ur blog :D **New Follower**

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  3. I will be with you & Magan in spirit! haha I want updates!!!!

  4. @Shahnila- Thanks, hon! *huggles* :D

    @Jess and Ginger- Hahaha, I'll miss y'all, too. Don't worry, I'll text you guys all the gossip ;-)

  5. Lena! One of these days I will meet you. I've met Andrea, Em, Tegan and Ashley and even Dai and Karen (Team Sheltie). I still need to meet you and Tiger, (Rath) Karen and Kim. One of these days! Any chance you'll be going to BEA next year or are you strictly an ALA girl?

  6. Have an AMAZING time! I wish I were going so that we can meet in person... But there is always next year!


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