Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movies/TV Shows That Should Be Books

A while back, I posted about how ONCE UPON A TIME should be made into a book series. Someone (Caitlin, I believe) mentioned GRIMM should be made into a book series as well, and I'd totally have to agree. Think about it.

The book would make an awesome story and could also include illustrations explaining each "creature" the Grimm runs into (much like Nick's guide on the show). You could have drawings of Bluebots...

and witches...

And more. Obviously, the illustrations would have to be less...uhh, graphic?... than the actual pictures you see before you. Less beheading and more explaining, if you will. Each book in the series could start off with a drawing of the creature, maybe a background story and how to kill it. Maybe it could even have alternation POVs, Nick's and whatever thing he's suppose to be battling (good or evil).

If they ever do decide to transform this fabulous show into a book series, wouldn't it be awesome if they put a YA spin to it? Maybe have Nick be a 17 year old in high school and the creatures be random students who attend his school? I mean, can you picture this guy (or girl) as a goth kid?

Check out those spacers! But, as you know in the show, only a Grimm can see the true faces of these bad boys/girls.

The Grimm would also have to be smoking hot, much like the man who plays Nick on the show.


Thoughts? Would you like to see GRIMM as a book series? Any other shows or movies you'd like to transform into a book or book series?


  1. I wasn't crazy about Grimm as a TV show, but I could see it having definite potential as a book. I like the idea of it being illustrated. Or YA. Actually, YA sounds awesome.

    Other shows I'd suggest would be Once Upon a Time (though I guess technically that's already multiple books...) and Pushing Daisies. And maybe FlashForward.

  2. If Grimm was made into a book series, I would be ALL OVER THAT!! I freaking love this show and can't wait for the new season to start!

  3. Ooh, I love this suggestion! It would definitely make a great book series :)

  4. I like Grimm, and I'd definitely try the book version, too.
    Pushing Daisies! I'd love to read that!

  5. I would love Grimm to be a book series and I agree there should be drawings of the different creatures. That would be so awesome. Wow I miss Grimm I can't wait for season 2.

  6. I don't watch Grimm, so I don't know about that, but I'd LOVE to see Supernatural turned into a book series. Or anything, really. I LOVE that show!

  7. I know The Vampire Diaries already are books and series, but they're soooooo different.
    This is one of those strange times I prefer the show or movie rather than the books. They're more interesting, exciting, alluring... The characters have more (how can I say it?) life. The plot is better.
    What do you think? :)

    1. I haven'tread those yet but I do already know how different they are and I can easily say I love the show way more. I do own the first three books and plan on reading them one day. Probably best during the show's break. Obviously the books are good since its a huge series but I am definitely happy with what they changed for the show.

  8. OMG I do not watch this show, but those... things just scared the crap out of me. *hides under the desk*

  9. Now that's an idea. I recently read and reviewed a book - Zombie Candy and it would make for an excellent movie. You can check it out here.

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