Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 Reasons To Hate My Father Trailer

If my fangirling review of 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER hasn't convinced you to read this fabulous book, maybe the book trailer will...

Don't you wish it was a movie? It has a very Mean Girls feel to it. Oh, and Jessica? If you're out there reading this, I need the guy playing Luke in the trailer to give me a call. Just saying!

ANYWAY, Jessica Brody is also hosting a fabulous giveaway where you can win a COMPLETE HEIRESS MAKE-OVER. This includes a personal wardrobe styling session with a professional costume designer (the same one who dressed Lexington in the book trailer!). If that wasn't enough, you'll also win a gift card to Sephora, a free copy of the book, and lots of other cool goodies fit for an heiress. Holy crap.

You can find out more about the giveaway over at Jessica's website.

Watch the trailer, read the book, and spread the word. That's what a true heiress would do.

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  1. It would make a GREAT movie. Haha, I think it'd be one of those cute teen movies :)


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