Sunday, July 1, 2012

ALA In A Nutshell

Last week, this little Texas girl headed off to sunny California in search of friends, authors, bloggers, and booze fun! Well, fellow readers, I found all these things and more. I cannot put into words how much fun I had hanging out with such an amazing group of people. I met some new friends, met a few heroes of mine, found some new soulmates, ate delicious food, and just had an overall fabulous time. Since words do not come to mind, how about a little picture show? Dim the lights...

it's picture time!

Libba Bray signing copies of THE DIVINERS. Love this hilarious lady!

The oh so fantabulous Tahereh Mafi signing copies of UNRAVEL ME. She has the CUTEST Kate Spade purse. Y'all, I was tempted to throw a few hundred dollar bills on the table and run off with it. The stupid angel inside of me told me that was wrong. Ugh, angel...shut up!

GEORGE R.R. MARTIN! Oh my goodness, he's like my very own redneck Santa. Can I be a Stark? PLEEEEASE?!

Here's my twin sister....eeerrr... Kendare Blake and me. Yep, those are copies of GIRL OF NIGHTMARES she's signing. Let's get to the point here. I really think my father has some explaining to do.

Y'all, ever since I read CATCHING JORDAN, I have been dying to meet Miranda Kenneally. When I heard she was signing copies of STEALING PARKER, I knew I had to be there. I knew I had to stalk the Sourcebooks booth in hopes of finding her. I mean...what?

AHHH, LAINI FREAKIN' TAYLOR! She is my girl crush. For anyone that even remotely knows me, I fangirl about DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE like it's Ryan Gosling in book form. *cries* I love you, Laini. *continues crying*

Me, H.D. from Reading Writing Breathing, Magan from Rather Be Reading,
and Sash from Sash And Em hanging out at the YA Highway Meet-Up. Love these people!!!

Georgia from Eve's Fan Garden, and Jen and Espe from Late Bloomer taking a break at the convention center. I met these girls at ALA and feel like I've known them my whole life. I HEART THEM SO HARD!

Y'all, I love Lisa Schroeder. She's the reason I love books in verse oh so flippin' much. So, so glad I finally (after all these years!) got to meet her. :-). P.S. I read FALLING FOR YOU on the flight home, and I heart it. So different from her other books.

Corey Whaley! This guy is funny, funny, funny!

My wifey Magan and me! She's being the hardcore booknerd that she is, and I'm being the Trubie that I am.

Happy 50th Birthday Clifford!!!

MALINDA LO!!!!!! You rock my socks off!

When people ask what's the best thing I got at ALA, I have to respond with this...

A waffle sandwich from Bruxie. Oh. My. Gawd. SOOOOOO good! Mad props to Erika for recommending this place. Please open one in Texas. PLEEEASE!

After a long, awesome weekend, what better way to end it than on the beach?

I know, you guys should be totally jealous. We dipped our toes in the freezing water. We skipped and sang songs. We may or may not have done some or all of these things. Christin from Portrait of a Book and Jen (our other roomies) came with us too, but for some reason, I don't have any pictures of them. *AHEM* Stacy? I know you have a group shot somewhere in that magical iPhone of your's. *wink, wink*

This was seriously one of the best weekends I've had all year. Special thanks to all the bloggers, authors, publishers, and librarians for making this weekend so magical. There are so many people I met/reunited with that I didn't mention in this post, and I'm very, very sorry for that! I SUCK AND STILL LOVE YOU!!!!

If you guys ever receive the opportunity to go to any of these events, please do so! If you do decide to attend ALA Annual next year, I highly recommend supporting ALA by becoming a member and/or joining YALSA. Fabulous opportunities there!

To wrap up this really, really long post, I'd like to share one last picture with you guys.

Apparently I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.



  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I wish I could have been there. SADFACE!!! Seriously, though, I'm glad you had a great time. :) And I love all the pictures!

  2. It looks like you had an AMAZING time! I really wish I could have been there! Maybe next year ;)

  3. Great wrap-up! I love the YA Highway pic with Jessica Love creeping in the background. :)

  4. I had so much fun meeting you! Awesome recap post. :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

  5. It was awesome to meet you, Lena!! I wish we'd gotten a pic of the three of us! :D We actually didn't even get a pic of Amy & I together the whole time we were there. Duh. It still cracks me up that we knew eachother's blogs the whole time and never checked---we were just chatting away! :D Looks like you had an amazing time---definitely worth the trip out from Texas, huh?

  6. that looks like a lot of fun and so sorry I couldn't meet you this time. Family interruptions came up :( But enjoy seeing the pics.
    Laini looks pregnant :)

  7. Looks like a super fabulous time!! OMG you and Kendare Blake totally look like twins!! I really need to get to a fun book convention sometime. I would love to meet awesome publishers, bloggers, and authors!!

  8. Lena, you are ADORABLE. And it really is odd how much you and Kendare look alike. I mean, REALLY odd. O.o

    I'm so glad you had fun! Awesome recap!

  9. Great photos - it's looks like you had lots of fun! :D


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