Monday, July 9, 2012

Review : Being Friends With Boys

Title: Being Friends With Boys (goodreads/amazon)
Author: Terra Elan McVoy
Published: May 1st 2012 by Simon Pulse

"Charlotte and Oliver have been friends forever. She knows that he, Abe, and Trip consider her to be one of the guys, and she likes it that way. She likes being the friend who keeps them all together. Likes offering a girl's perspective on their love lives. Likes being the behind-the-scenes wordsmith who writes all the lyrics for the boys' band. Char has a house full of stepsisters and a past full of backstabbing (female) ex-best friends, so for her, being friends with boys is refreshingly drama-free...until it isn't any more.

When a new boy enters the scene and makes Char feel like, well, a total girl...and two of her other friends have a falling out that may or may not be related to one of them deciding he possibly wants to be more than friends with Char...being friends with all these boys suddenly becomes a lot more complicated."

First line: "I'm on my way up the stairs to my locker Monday morning when Abe comes down the other direction."

Thoughts: BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS offers readers a fresh and realistic portrayal of the sometimes complicated issues girls have to deal with when..., well, when they're friends with boys. Once I finally had the chance to sit down and read this book, I simply devoured it. I enjoyed reading about Charlotte's story and her complicated relationships with not only boys, but with jealous girls as well. Oh, high you can easily be relived through a story like this.

For me, what makes this book as good as it is are all the male and female characters. I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the brooding and angst-filled Oliver or the sweet and sexy Benji. Oh the Sad Jackal crew, how I adored you all! If only I could have been in a band in high school...or musically talented in any way.

For anyone that has ever been one of the boys, you can easily relate to this book. I recommend this for fans of contemporary YA. There isn't a ton of romance in it, but I promise you, the book doesn't need it. If you enjoy reading about lovable characters and complicated relationships, this is the book for you.


"When I open my eyes again, I notice that Fabian's lips are parted, tongue slightly out in concentration. And the way he's so focused is totally hot."


"The wide, no-teeth I see you for real smile fills up his face. For a minute I say a little silent f*ck you to Whitney and all the girls who glare at me when I hang out with Oliver."

YES! I know exactly what how she feels and what she's talking about!

"I reach in my satchel, give him the five-subject spiral notebook we've been filling with notes to each other since August."

How did this girl find a guy to share a journal with? So cute!



  1. This sounds like a super cute book. Great review!

  2. GOSH, LENA! Added it to my TBR list. DANG it! You make this book sound so deliciously awesome. :)

  3. These guys (as based on your quotes) sound so adorable! I really want to read this book, and simply because it sounds absolutely delightful!

  4. I'm glad you finally got the chance to sit down and read this one, and that you enjoyed it so much! I think I liked it all the more for not having a ton of romance, and I agree that it's the perfect read for anyone who's ever been one of the guys. :P

  5. You know, at first glance, I wasn't sure this one was for me or not. I mean, I like YA contemporary and all that, but for some reason, I thought FOR SURE that this one would be chock full of romance, and I'm not really in the mood for that right now. But since you mentioned there wasn't a ton, I might have to reconsider...Thanks for the review, Lena! :)

  6. This sounds like a really cute book. Boys + music are my kryptonite and I think it's interesting to see the relationships Charlotte has with them. Love this review. :)

  7. Thank you for reading BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS, and for the great review! The boys are all very special to my heart, so it's really fun when readers love them too!


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