Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today's topic is the Top Ten Characters I'd Like To Switch Places With. Ooooooh, fuuuuun! Let's get this party started!

Oh, how wonderful it'd be to be Lola! Why? One word: Cricket. Plus, I'd love to have the guts and dress in costume!

I'd love to be as witty as Jessica Darling, and oh, ya know, be the apple of Marcus Flutie's eye.

Karou. Oh, to have wishes be true, be able to fly, and fall in love with an "angel". Le sigh.

Remy! Let's drive around, toss giant sodas at people we don't like, and fall in love with a clumsy aspiring rockstar.

Oh, to be Emma. Brendan + the limo scene = win

I would love to switch places with Samantha, just so I can have one day with Jase.

Meghan Chase. How fun (and terrifying) would it be to be her? Plus, ya know, Ash. Just saying!

Leah Jones! I would love to fly around in an airplane and umm, do stuff with Grayson. Word.

Jordan Woods. I can't even throw a ball two feet, so it'd be pretty awesome to be a football goddess for a day.

Lily! How much fun would it be to have a scavenger hunt in New York? The riddles are clever and Dash is quite...dashing? Yes, that's the word!

And that's all she wrote! Who would you guys switch with if given the opportunity?


  1. Agreed Lola, Jordan, Meghan...so much fun. I wouldn't have waited to kiss any of those boys ;)

  2. Oh I would love to switch places with Meghan too!! *sigh* Ash....

  3. I love Jessica from Sloppy Firsts! I forgot to add her to my list =) My TTT

  4. agree those are some great places to be :)

  5. I am noticing a pattern here Lena, you know what I am talking about lol.

    I wouldn't mind switching places with Hermione because one she gets Ron and I crush on him and two she's a brilliant witch. Magic and adventure for me! I also wouldn't mind switching with Deryn Sharp from Leviathan because she is just awesome, her life is completely filled with adventure. Valkyrie Cain from the Skulduggery Pleasant series, powerful sorceress extraordinare who looks hot in a gown and can beat up full grown men.

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  6. You took my answer Lena!!

    I would be Lola so I could have Cricket! I would have *that* scene though. lol

    And I would be Katniss because I would treat Peeta better in my version lol

    I agree with Sandy - you're being a book ho!

  7. Great picks! It would be pretty awesome to switch with Meghan Chase. It would also be pretty awesome to meet Ash... :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I would totally want to be Lola and have a Cricket in my life. Or a Samantha and have a Jase. I love the whole boy next door thing ;)

  9. Flying like Karou would be SO cool! And yeah I'd totally take Cricket for a day ;)

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