Friday, October 19, 2012

Movies/TV Shows That Should Be Made Into Books

If you have Netflix and have yet to watch Dance Academy, YOU NEED TO. Thanks to Jess from Gone With The Words and Sarah from Storybound Girl, I'm now obsessed with this show. Feel sorry for them because they both had to deal with my constant texting..."WHAT JUST HAPPENED?", "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!", "GEEEEERD". Exactly.

Every time I watch this very awesome Aussie show, I can't help but think "Why isn't this a book?!". There are ballet books out there, and Dance Academy would be a great addition to them. I mean, think of all the ways you can spin it.

With the show, you have several love triangles, a cast of lovable-hatable characters, a gorgeous setting (SYDNEY!), and of course...the dancing!

There's drama along with things like backstabbing, injuries, heartache, jealousy, and disappointment. Hey, no one said the competition would be easy, especially in the dance world!

I would love it if Dance Academy were to be made into a series of books, rather than just one or two. Much like the show, the books should start off with Tara's point of view and slowly gravitate towards the others. The covers should be based on whatever show they're doing at the end of the year like The Nutcracker or Peter Pan.

I'm telling you, people would eat this book series up. I know I would. Heck, I'm dying for season 3, and it hasn't even aired in Australia yet. Needless to say, someone needs to get on this NOW. Please? Pretty please with cherries on top?


  1. I'll have to check out this show. It looks like something I would really like.

  2. That would be a great book series! I read the Satin Slippers books when I was a kid and I loved it!

  3. yessss!!! I found this show on Netflix and loved it! Then I started watching all of the Australian shows I could find.I would definitely read the books . I'm in the States so in love with the characters,Love Kat :D

  4. BEST IDEA EVER! They should whip those out during the looooong wait for the next season! Haha.

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  6. So glad to hear your a fan! I love Dance Acadmey and it makes me so happy to see people outside of Australia enjoying too! I wish Season 3 was ready to watch but it looks like we'll be waiting a while... Maybe it's time for some rewatching? :)


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