Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Settings I Would Like To See More Of

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is the Top Ten Settings You'd Like To See More Of. Giggidy! Let's do this thang.

1. Paris. You and I both know it's true. You can't have too many books set in Paris. Je veux macarons et les garcons chauds! Oui!

2. Japan. I can't help it. I love the culture and the beauty...I love it all. AND THE CAT CAFES! Don't forget about the cat cafes.

3. Niagara Falls. I personally haven't been but I can only imagine how romantic the setting would be. There's so many possibilities to where the story can be told. Canada, New York, etc.

4. Austin, TX. Maybe I'm bias because I went to college here but to me, Austin has a lot to offer. Think of the romantic settings (Barton Springs, Hamilton Pool, etc). Think of the music and film scene. Think of the football (HOOK 'EM!). Think of all the possibilities.

5. Switzerland. I've been to Switzerland and can vouch for it's beauty. Other than delicious chocolate (Really delicious chocolate), Switzerland offers mountains, fabulous street life, and castles. CASTLES! Plus, the flower bridge in Lucerne is something that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

6. Boston, MA. I would love to visit Boston one day and would also love to read more books based in Boston.

7. Greece. Have you seen pictures of Greece? Have you seen Greek boys? Economically, it's not the best time to visit Greece but that doesn't mean we can't read about it.

8. Underwater communities. After reading RENEGADE by J.A. Souders, I have come to love all things under the sea. Down where it's wetter, down where it's better, take it from meeeeeee!

9. London. It's the home of Shakespeare. Also, English accents? RAWR!

10. Venice, Italy. Imagine riding on a gondola down the Grand Canal. Imagine a starlit sky and music. SIIIIGGGGHHHHH. Wouldn't you love to read about it?

That's all, folks! What settings would you guys like to see more of?


  1. I can't agree more about books set in Paris or Venice or any of those other beautiful cities! And I'm so intrigued by underwater communities, since I haven't read any books about it yet. Renegade sounds great though!

  2. I picked underwater worlds and some places in Texas as well! Very cool list!

    Here's My TTT

  3. Underwater! I think it would be fun to see communities set underwater that AREN'T mermaids.

  4. Cat cafes! And gondolas. Totally agree with those. Great list :)

  5. Yes please?!! We need more books set in Austin!! =D

  6. A cat cafe??? What the heck is a cat cafe?

    you should read The Chocolate Kiss - it's set in Paris. Lots of chocolate talk too.

  7. Hook 'em Horns! So do you bleed orange? Keep Austin Weird!


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