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Cinders & Sapphires Character Interview : Rose

Rose Cliffe was born sixteen years in the village neighboring Somerton Court. She moved to Somerton at age seven, when her mother, Mrs. Cliffe, took up the post of housekeeper. Though she knows the great house doesn’t truly belong to her, Rose can’t help but think of Somerton as home. Now that the young ladies of the Averley family have returned to Somerton, Rose looks after them. Her swift promotion to ladies’ maid has raised many eyebrows among the staff, and Rose must face not only their malicious gossip, but spiteful treatment from Lord Averley’s new lady and her daughter, Charlotte. Rose knows it isn’t right for a girl of her station to have ambitions beyond service, but she has never been able to abandon her dream of becoming a proper musician. Rose taught herself to read music as a child and, despite the dangers involved, cannot stop herself from playing the piano when she finds the music room unattended.

What's it like living at Somerton?

I love living at Somerton. Miss Ward says it’s boring compared to London, but I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Yes, there’s a lot of work, but now Lord Averley is back it’s so much easier. His lordship is much nicer than Sir William – don’t tell my mother I said that though. She’d say I had no call to be criticizing the gentry.

Are there any cute boys or, excuse me, chaps?

There’s one young man, Oliver. Mr Templeton’s valet. I think he’s rather nice. He’s got lovely eyes. But he doesn’t seem very interested in us girls.

What's the rest of the staff like? Any juicy gossip you'd like to share?

Well, my mother is the housekeeper. She’s tough but fair. Everyone respects her. Although she has been acting a little strange since Lord Averley came home… My best friend is Annie, although to be honest I don’t always feel very close to the rest of the housemaids. I’m interested in things they think are silly and boring, like music and art. We’re a well-run household and there hasn’t been any gossip so far, unless you count Ben the hall boy being sacked for opening the door drunk to the Marquess of Sunderland. But now that Miss Ward is here I think that might change…

When you're feeling blue, what's your favorite comfort food?

I love Cook’s Yorkshire puddings! They’re like pancakes, tasty and golden and light as air. I could eat hundreds of them – well, I could try. You never get enough to eat when you’re on your feet all day. At least it keeps you slim!

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d love to go somewhere really exotic, somewhere where they have tigers and lions and that. I’d like to see a real live parrot one day, not in a cage, but in the jungle where it’s meant to be. Somerton is beautiful – but I do want more.

***Special thanks to Disney Hyperion, Leigh Rasheed and of course, Rose.***

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  2. I love this type of review! It really tells me what the character's like. Thank you!

  3. I love character introductions. They usually make me want to read more about the character, and this one is no different.


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