Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dark Days Interview With MILA 2.0 Author Debra Driza

Thanks to the fabulous people at Harper Teen, I received the opportunity to interview this fabulous lady right here:

That's right. It's MILA 2.0 author Debra Driza. We talked about things like current Hollywood crushes to favorite books and even the song she'd pick if MILA 2.0 were made into a movie. Without further ado, here's Debra!

1. I noticed you have a playlist for the book on Goodreads. If MILA 2.0 were to be made into a movie, what song would you pick for the movie trailer?

Oh, gosh, that’s hard. I feel like I need multiple songs to capture the feelings of different parts of the story. I might be tempted to go with something like Army of Me by Bjork, because it’s exciting and jarring and would capture Mila’s badass side (plus, love that song!) If I were going for campy, then I’d definitely consider More Human Than Human by White Zombie.

2. If you were created in a lab, what superhuman abilities would you want to have?

I would love the ability to pack nine hours of sleep into two or three. Also, I could use some superhuman—or even normal human—organizational skills. I am woefully challenged in that department! I’d also dig being able to do those urban warrior-type stunts. I can’t believe how they just climb walls and make it look so easy!

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Wow, that’s a seriously tough question! I’m super random and have no qualms about acting like a giant goofball in public, but I’m also innately cautious when it comes to dangerous things—no sky-diving for me. Oh, but I did jump off the top of the Seven Falls in Maui when I was a youngster—which was pretty crazy, considering I don’t see all that well and apparently almost hit a rock! (My mom was thrilled) I also attended Burning Man last year, which most of my non-writer friends consider to be loco since you’re basically roughing it in the middle of the desert for a week with 40,000+ strangers.

4. What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?

I was the pickiest eater for a really long time, so I’m still making up for lost years. That said, my hubby’s family is Czech, and I did sample Sulz one year—which is something like head cheese and gelatin combined. Bon appetite!

Speed round...

Favorite candy: Probably Skor bars. Or anything chocolate, really—unless it has nuts. I like nuts and I like chocolate, but they have to remain separate.

Coffee or tea: Tea! Iced or, my fave, chai lattes! I rarely drink coffee as the massive doses of caffeine make me spaz out. Trust me, this is a bad thing.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs. Too many dogs. Dogs that hog the bed, dogs that steal my food. I’m surrounded by naughty dogs.

Favorite restaurant: So tough! One place that I will always remember fondly for comfort food is Snuffer’s back in Dallas. Cheese fries, MMMMM. Also, pretty much anywhere that has good chips and salsa.

OMG, CHEESE FRIES!!! Ahem, sorry. Back to the questions...

Favorite Book: Impossible to name just one! But two of my all-time favorites are Brideshead Revisited and Fletch.

Hollywood crush: You know, I don’t really crush on actors for looks—more on characters and personalities. Back in the day, I would have said Spike from Buffy. Now? I guess I’d have to say—Jennifer Lawrence. I love what a total goober she is!

Dream vacation destination: Ever since I read The Sun Also Rises, I’ve wanted to go to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls. Though, more for thehuge tomato fight than anything (seriously, what could be more fun than pegging total strangers with overripe fruit?)

Debra, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us. Don't forget, I'm giving away a signed finished copy of MILA 2.0 so be sure to enter. Believe me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

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    I do like the idea of packing more hours into less hours as a super power, and I could definitely do with some of that ;)

  2. And now I want cheese fries for lunch. LOL! Awesome interview, Lena!

  3. Hi, I only just discovered your blog but I’m liking it so far. Great interview! I'll be sure to check out more in a minute.


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