Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is the top ten authors who deserve more recognition. Y'all, I LOOOOOOVE this topic. Can I narrow this list down to ten? We shall see!

1. Miranda Kenneally (Catching Jordan, Stealing Parker, Things I Can't Forget, Racing Savannah)- You guys, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to Miranda's books every year. They're hilarious, full of swoon, and get better and better with each new book. Pretty sure RACING SAVANNAH is my favorite thus far...and pretty sure I'll die of anticipation before her next one comes out.

2. Stasia Ward Kehoe (Audition)- So I definitely have a soft spot for books written in verse. What can I say? I love them, and AUDITION is definitely on that love list. So good you guys.

3. Tom Leveen (Party, Zero, ManicPixieDreamGirl, Sick)- It pains me when I tell people how much I love Tom Leveen's books, and they reply "Who?". Seriously, this guy writes some sick (pun intended) books. He just knows how teenage boys and girls act and writes them so perfectly. Plus, his books are UNIQUE! Word.

4. Fiona Paul (Venom, Belladonna, etc.). I can't believe there are people out there who haven't read VENOM. Do you know how awesome it is? Do you know how gorgeous this book is or how stunning the setting is? Cause you should. I remember speaking with Erin from Penguin, and we talked about how much we both loved VENOM. She said they're remarketing the covers because it didn't do as well as they originally thought. BTW, the new covers? BEAUTIFUL!

5. Holly Goldberg Sloan (I'll Be There, Couting By 7s). If you haven't read I'LL BE THERE yet, you should. Beautifully written novel that will make you think, dream, and wonder days after the book is over. So many feels!

6. April Lindner (Jane, Catherine, etc.)- Y'all, JANE and CATHERINE are two of the best modernized retellings of classics I have ever read. The writing! Oh, how the writing won me over in just a matter of pages. More, please!

7. A.S. King (Please Ignore Vera Dietz, Everybody Sees The Ants, Ask The Passengers, Reality Boy, etc.) - If A.S. King is ever signing in your area, go! Spend some time with her and talk to her. Only then will you completely comprehend what a genius she truly is (as if you didn't already know from her books).

8. Jessica Warman (Between, Where The Truth Lies, Breathless, Beautiful Lies, etc.) - So I'm totally bummed Jessica doesn't have a book coming out this year. Her books are the perfect mix of complex emotions and lovely writing. Le sigh, maybe next year!

9. Jennifer R. Hubbard (The Secret Year, Try Not To Breathe, Until It Hurts To Stop, etc)- Good lawd, how I love this woman's writing. Thanks for constantly breaking heart and healing it! Loved every minute of it.

10. Courtney Summers (Cracked Up To Be, Some Girls Are, Fall For Anything, This Is Not A Test, All The Rage)- I would read anything and everything that Courtney Summers writes. In fact, I have read everything (that's released) by Courtney Summers and can honestly tell you I loved them all.

What authors do you guys think deserve more recognition?


  1. Great List & I need to read so much more of all of them. AS King is so groovy.

  2. such a great list and I think I have read a couple from this list :) Miranda :)

  3. Good list - there are a few I still need to read but I could not agree with you more about Tom Leveen.

    Every time one of his books comes out I think this is the one that will take the blogsphere by storm and then it doesn't. People don't know what they're missing.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  4. Tom Leveen! That's a great one :) I was trying to think of who I would put on my own list (I'm kind of glad I didn't attempt to because my mind is forgetful) but YES YES YES to Tom! I still have to read Party like you suggested.

  5. Wow! Thrilled & flattered to be on your list. Beyond agree with you about Courtney Summers and Miranda Kenneally--I love their work! PS - I have a new book coming out in Feb: The Sound of Letting Go (also in verse)!

  6. Venom is awesome! So is Fall For Anything.

    A.S. King is probably the one on that list that I want most desperately to read one of her books, though they all have books with a spot on my To-Read list. Great choices!


  7. A.S King is on a few lists and I hope she gets more attention for bloggers from this. She is amazing and deserves the praise up there with John Green !

  8. I totally agree with AS King, even though she was honored with a Printz, she is still not widely read and I love Courtney Summers!


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