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Review: Into The Deep

Title: Into The Deep
Author: Samantha Young
Published: August 9th 2013 by Samantha Young
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"Live young. Live hard. Love deep.

Charley Redford was just an ordinary girl until Jake Caplin moved to her small town in Indiana and convinced her she was extraordinary. Almost from day one Jake pulled Charley into the deep and promised he was right there with her. But when a tragic incident darkened Jake’s life he waded out into the shallows and left Charley behind.

Almost four years later Charley thinks she’s moved on. That is until she takes a study year abroad in Edinburgh and bumps into none other than Jake Caplin at a party with his new girlfriend. The bad-boy-turned-good attempts to convince Charley to forgive him, and as her best friend starts spending time with Jake’s, Charley calls a truce, only to find herself tumbling back into a friendship with him.

As they grow closer, the spark between them flares and begins playing havoc with their lives and relationships. When jealousy and longing rear their destructive heads, Charley and Jake struggle to come to grips with what they mean to one another.

And even if they work it out, there is no guarantee Charley will ever trust Jake to lead her back into the deep…"

First line: "'Did you go food shopping yet?'".

Thoughts: I wish so badly that I could be the person who hasn't read INTO THE DEEP yet. I'd love to experience the angst, love, laughter, and hurt for the first time all over again. Going into this novel, I had somewhat high expectations. You see, I absolutely adored ON DUBLIN STREET, so I already know how delicious Samantha Young's books are. She knows how to create lovable yet flawed characters you can easily fall in love with. With all this said and done, it's no wonder why I savored every page of this delectable story.

As you can see, INTO THE DEEP is a second-chance love story with a rather tragic twist. The relationship didn't fall apart because the couple stopped loving each other. Something terribly tragic happened and with the way the story is written, you can't help but be curious as to what went wry. The novel begins in the present (Four years later, studying abroad) but flashes back to when Charley first met Jake. The chapters continue to alternate until you finally get to the part where things went wrong. I honestly loved this about the novel. If you wanted to, you could skip every other chapter, and it'd feel like you're reading a whole different book. This constantly left me both frustrated as well as intrigued. Sometimes, the chapter would end in a bit of a cliffhanger leaving me waiting for at least ten or so pages to find out what happens next. I'm not going to lie, I was tempted on several occasions to just skip the flashback chapter and jump back into the present. I wanted to, very badly, but didn't. I'm glad I didn't because I would have missed out on this beautiful chemistry developing between the two love interests.

Unlike many New Adult novels out there today, INTO THE DEEP doesn't have extremely graphic sex scenes. Is there sex? Yes, but it's done tastefully and doesn't go into excessive details like an erotica novel would. It's actually quite sweet yet steamy. I definitely found myself fanning my face a few times due to all the sexual tension and swooniness.

Other characters in this novel I adored are Claudia (Charley's best friend and roommate), Beck (Jake's best friend), and Lowe (A possible love interest and great friend). Honestly, this book has loads of charming characters and possibly leaves room for other books to be written from their points of view. Do it, Samantha. Write a book from one of their points of view. I'll love you forever!

Honestly, I can gush over this novel forever, but I won't. I will say I simply cannot wait to get my hands on OUT OF THE SHALLOWS, the sequel to INTO THE DEEP. While the story has a very well-rounded and satisfying ending, it still leaves room for more. I'm curious to see what will happen between Charley and Jake and also the other characters in this novel (*ahem*, Claudia and Beck). I recommend INTO THE DEEP to all contemporary fans, especially supporters of second chances.


5 Stars

Favorite Quotes:

“'I knew after weeks of meeting you that I was never going to love another girl like I love you. You’re it for me. They write books about what we have.'”

“I’m going to kiss you when you least expect it. And it WILL be epic.”

“'You’re not…jealous?' He eyed me warily.

I shrugged. 'I’ll always be jealous of any girl who’s had that part of you, but I’m not worried about it. If you wanted her, you’d be with her. But you’re not. You’re with me. A sound choice, I might add.' I smirked suggestively.”

Jake threw his head back in laughter. 'God, my girl is cocky'

'Pot, meet kettle.'

'Good thing we’re both attracted to cocky, then, huh?'

'Good thing.'


  1. I don't read a lot of NA books, but this one sounds pretty good. I love the fact that there's an external factor that kept them from being together, and I'm pretty darn sure I'd be as curious as you to find out what it was!

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