Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Ten Character Names I Love/Found Unusual

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. The name of the game is character names! Some are fabulous, some...eh, not so much. Shall we play?

1. Harper. I'm sure several people have encountered this name, but the book I remember it from is SAVING JUNE. I love it when authors pay homage to legendary authors (aka Harper Lee). Love!

2. Charlie/Charley for girls. What can I say? I love boy names for girls. A LITTLE WANTING SONG first made me fall in love with it, and INTO THE DEEP reminded me how much I adore it.

3. Wren for girls, not boys. Though Wren from THE INFINITE MOMENT OF US annoyed me at times, I couldn't help but think about how great her name is. I'd like to change my name, please!

4. Raleigh. Okay, so technically Raleigh is the bad girl in UNTIL IT HURTS TO STOP. Either way, her name has this southern yet unique edge I love.

5. Nastya. Okay, so this goes under the didn't love category. In THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY, it just didn't fit the main character's personality nor looks. Plus, I just think it sounds too similar to the word nasty. How are you suppose to love someone nasty?

6. Kaspar. Kaspar reminds me of Caspar The Ghost. It's hard to swoon over a guy named Kaspar, especially in THE DARK HEROINE- DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE. Boo.

7. Ezra. LOVE this name. It worked so well for the main character in THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING. Made me love him even more.

8. Jude. Again, love the boy names for girls. I know I've seen it several times but most recently in THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS.

9. Kaleb. I just don't like it. It kind of sounds like "Kay, love!" which makes me think of a British boy and when the boy turns out not to be British, I end up feeling disappointed. Weird, I know. It doesn't help that I can't stand Kaleb in THOUSAND WORDS.

10. Delilah. Love it. Since I'm a 00s chick (2000s), I automatically think of the Plain White T's song and start to swoon. Such a fabulous name for a protagonist. With a name like that, how could I not pick up FIXING DELILAH?

There you have it! I clearly love more names than hate. What can I say? I guess I'm a lover, not a hater.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite character names?


  1. Ohh I like Raleigh! Very southern indeed. HATED Nastya. Sounds like nasty & that's well, just nasty haha. Ezra! Another good one. And of course I love Jude :) I have that one on my list today, too. hehe

  2. YEESSS. I am soo pleased to see Ezra on your list. I'm in love with the name for unexplainable reason. I love the way it rolls of my tongue.

    Delilah is such a good name. (Great, that song is stuck in my head. :P)

  3. LOVE EZRA! I'm naming my future son that, if I can convince Tom to like it enough that is. :) I also love Jude! And Raleigh! Nastya does sound...nasty. :-| Awesome list!!

  4. Haha Kay Love! Great list. Jude is a great name.

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  6. Hey! I had a crush on a guy named Kasper :P
    Jude is an awesome name. When I read it in Nicole Williams Crash series I fell for it and now I'm reminded of the Beatles whenever I see/hear it

  7. I too, love boys names for girls. I also think of Hey There Delilah every time I hear that name. :)

  8. Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars. Sounded appropriately perfect for Hazel Grace Lancaster, whose name I did not care for much.


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