Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Bucket List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is your top ten bookish bucket list. I've actually never really thought about this, but here are ten things that I definitely need to scratch off my list.

1. Personalized signed copy of ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth. Okay, so ALLEGIANT technically wasn't my favorite book. I think I gave it three stars, but I do love the other two books something fierce. And since I already have the first two signed/personalized, I definitely need the last one to complete my collection. Sadly, nowadays it's easier said than done.

2. Personalized signed copy of DREAMS OF GOD AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor. Again, I already have the first two books signed and need the last one signed as well. Hello, collection! The good news is Laini will be at Teen Book Con on April 26th, so I'll finally get my chance. I LOVE YOU, LAINI!

3. Go to BEA. BEA kind of scares me, but I've always wanted to go. One day...one day.

4. Meet up with my blogging buddies. Seriously, I love my blogging friends like whoa but haven't had the opportunity to meet them. Alexa, Tori, Julie, Hannah...the list could really go on and on.

5. Have a blogging retreat. I think I've talked about this to certain bloggers before, but how fun would it be to get your best blogging friends together and rent out a beach house or cabin somewhere? Too much fun!

6. Meet Katja Millay, have her sign my copy of THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY, and eat little nookies/Torchy's Tacos with her. Because I feel like my Little Nookie- Katja- and I have had this discussion too many times and need to make it a reality.

7. Replace all of my ARCs with finished copies. I'm really poor right now but try to do this as often as possible, especially if there's a signing in town and even more so if I absolutely love the book. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

8. Go to the Strand Book Store in NYC. Never been, need to go.

9. Visit all of these BEAUTIFUL bookstores. Because you know, I'm rich and whatever (*dripping with sarcasm*).

10. Obtain a first edition copy of Jane Eyre. My insides are giddy with the thought of this. It'll probably never happen, but never say never!

There you have it! What are some of the things on your bookish bucket list?


  1. I'm with you on the first edition copy of Jane Eyre. Love, love that story!

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  3. I don't know why BEA intimidates you. It's getting better organized every year so there's less trying to kill your fellow blogger moments. lol

    There is a LOT of hurry up and wait going on though.

    If you do get to NYC check out Books of Wonder too. It's small but they have a great collection of singed books and fun author events.

  4. Lena you definitely have to go to BEA! Just meet up with some fellow book lovers and/or bloggers and you'll be fine ^_^. Karen goes every year as far as I know so you could probably hook up with her ;) I don't blog any more but I'd love to go back just to experience the event again and grab less books and talk to more people next time. You need to set a goal date to increase your chances of going. How about next year :D. Maybe I can be a blogger's assistant ;). Also that way you can scratch off The Strand too and meet up with some of your blogging buddies.

    To help find your first edition Jane Eyre I suggest ducking into every second hand shop you come cross :). You never know! Also I love your new blog design, so pretty.

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