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Gone Too Far Blog Tour- Review/Excerpt + Giveaway

Gone Too Far
Author: Natalie D. Richards

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: January 6th 2015

Keeping secrets ruined her life. But the truth might just kill her.

Piper Woods can't wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She's sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone's sure it's suicide, but Piper remembers Stella's name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.

Drowning in secrets she doesn't want to keep, Piper's fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished...

Review: There is just something about the way Natalie D. Richards' writing that completely captivates me. After reading her debut novel SIX MONTHS LATER, and absolutely loving it, I knew I had to get my hands on her next novel. I think one of the many things I love about this book so much is that, even though it's a mystery novel, it reads like a contemporary YA story... Just creepier.

GONE TOO FAR jumps right into the story. You basically get a page or two of Piper's typical life, but only a couple of pages. Then comes the eerie, dreadful elephant in the room, so to speak. What the heck was up with that notebook? I mean, sheesh! It's like an episode straight out of FEAR THY NEIGHBOR. I adored how well Richards completely captured Piper's character as if she was either me or someone close to me. Each emotion perfectly displays how I would've both felt and reacted. I'm not going to say Piper was perfect, but neither am I.

Then there's Nick. I loved Nick from the moment he was introduced. Sure he's popular and a jock, but he's also a good guy. Even though his friends can be jerks (well, more than jerks, but we won't go there), he knows right from wrong and does his best to keep both himself and his friends in check. Every high school in every generation should have at least one Nick.

Overall, from the addictive writing to the even more enticing storyline, I loved every minute of GONE TOO FAR and highly recommend it to both mystery and contemporary lovers alike. If you've read SIX MONTHS LATER, know that this sophomore novel is just as good, if not better. Natalie D. Richards is easily becoming out of my auto-buy authors, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what kind of twisted yet lovable story she has up her sleeves!


5 Stars


Chapter One

Late. So late. I slam the car door behind me and race across the parking lot. My hair is tangled in the strap of my messenger bag, my shoes are untied, and I have no idea how I’m going to get to my locker without getting caught. I have to try because I need those chemistry notes.

Technically I needed them last night when I’d actually had the time to study for my midterm, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I know the materials and I figured I could do a little last-minute cramming during first period homeroom. It was a decent plan until my phone battery died, taking my morning alarm down with it. Now I’ll be lucky to catch the last ten minutes of first period.

I hop the curb and slow as I slide into the shadow of the ancient brick school. It’s probably not classy to barrel through the door like an escaped convict. Of course, it probably wasn’t classy flying into the parking lot doing Mach 2 either.

I check my barely charged phone for the time as I climb the first step. My foot slips on something halfway up the stairs. It’s like hitting a patch of ice. I lunge gor the handrail and jerk myself upright, glaring down at the thing that tripped me –a dropped notebook.

Nothing special. It’s a plain, spiral-bound pad, the kind you can get at the drugstore for less than a buck. Pretty much worthless, excerpt I know it’s probably chock-full of notes. Notes seomone will need during midterm week.

Oh, fine.

I snatch the notebook off the steps and shove it into my bag. Lost and Found is going to have to wait though. It’s in the student store, which is on the opposite side of the school.

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At seven, Natalie D. Richards wrote about Barbara Frances Bizzlefishes (who wouldn't dare do the dishes.) Now she writes about awesome girls, broody boys, and all things dark and creepy. Natalie lives in Ohio (Go Bucks!) with her techno-wiz husband, three amazing kids, and a seventy pound dust-mop who swears he's the family dog. Her psychological thriller, Six Months Later, will be released in October 1, 2013 by Sourcebooks Fire. Until then, you'll probably find her writing her next book or trying to wade through the towers of dog-eared paperbacks that have taken over her bedroom.


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  1. This book looks so interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I haven't heard of this, but it sounds really good! I haven't read anything by Natalie Richards, so I'll definitely have to check out both of her books! Thanks for posting!

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