Friday, October 9, 2015

A Madness So Discreet Blog Tour: Mindy's Top 10 Favorite Horror Books/Movies

Welcome, welcome, to the next stop in the A Madness So Discreet Blog Tour. I actually met Mindy a year or so ago during one of Harper's fall tours. Let me tell you guys, she is both brilliant and hilarious, and her books reflect both of these things (maybe more brilliant and not as much hilarious). Anywho, let's talk about the book!

Grace Mae knows madness.

She keeps it locked away, along with her voice, trapped deep inside a brilliant mind that cannot forget horrific family secrets. Those secrets, along with the bulge in her belly, land her in a Boston insane asylum.

When her voice returns in a burst of violence, Grace is banished to the dark cellars, where her mind is discovered by a visiting doctor who dabbles in the new study of criminal psychology. With her keen eyes and sharp memory, Grace will make the perfect assistant at crime scenes. Escaping from Boston to the safety of an ethical Ohio asylum, Grace finds friendship and hope, hints of a life she should have had. But gruesome nights bring Grace and the doctor into the circle of a killer who stalks young women. Grace, continuing to operate under the cloak of madness, must hunt a murderer while she confronts the demons in her own past.

Now, it's time for Mindy's Top 10 Horror Flicks/Books. It is, after all, that time of year, oui?

1) Book: The Stand by Stephen King

2) Movie: Event Horizon (1997)

3) Book: In The End by Demitria Lunetta

4) Movie: Paranormal Activity (2007)

5) Book: Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

6) Movie: Vertigo (1958)

7) Book: Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard

8) Movie: The Woman in Black (2012)

9) Book: The Passage by Justin Cronin

10) Movie: The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

Great list, Mindy, and thank you so much for sharing this with us! I've personally have seen Event Horizon, and it was definitely the scariest movie I have ever seen. No, all of the noes, haha.

LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBook | The Book Depository

Mindy McGinnis is a YA author who has worked in a high school library for thirteen years. Her debut, NOT A DROP TO DRINK, a post-apocalyptic survival story set in a world with very little freshwater, has been optioned for film my Stephanie Meyer's Fickle Fish Films. The companion novel, IN A HANDFUL OF DUST was released in 2014. Look for her Gothic historical thriller, A MADNESS SO DISCREET in October of 2015 from Katherine Tegen Books. Mindy is represented by Adriann Ranta of Wolf Literary.

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GIVEAWAY: One winner will receive a Harper Teen horror themed prize pack! This giveaway is only open to US participants.

Good luck, and don't let the bed bugs bite!

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  1. This looks like hte perfect read fpr this time of year!

  2. I'm always so entranced by that cover!

  3. I sooooooooo want to read this one! It sounds like the perfect read for me!!!!

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