Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Love N. Vegas Convention

Get your planners and washi tape out, because the Love N. Vegas Convention is coming to Vegas October 27-29! It's going to be at Planet Hollywood with loads of author signings, meet and greets, parties, the works. As a book convention vet, I thought I'd share some tips on how to survive (for those who are attending their first one) a book convention.

Do: Plan! Look at the schedule and see who is signing when. It's important, especially if certain authors lap each other. If this happens, think about who you love more and go to that one first.

Do: Get to everything early. If you're wanting to go to a certain signing at a certain time, be sure to get there early and snag a spot in line. Waiting until it starts is not a good idea. If you love the author, chances are others do as well, and the line will be a mile long (meaning you might miss other signings in the process.

Don't: Cut in line. You guys, I've had this done to me, and it sets me off. This is my biggest pet peeve. Whenever we were in Anaheim for ALA, a mom held the front of the line spot for not one, not two, not three, but almost a dozen teenage girls. It wasn't even Teen Day! This was when the booths gave away their display copies, and those girls took EVERYTHING we wanted. It didn't matter that we were there a couple of hours early. It happened, and it was the WORST! I also had a friend who missed out on a DESTROY ME arc/signing with Tahereh Mafi all because people were cutting in line. Don't be that person!

What To Bring: Most conventions have an area where you can check luggage in. See if they have one here. If so, bring an empty suitcase that rolls. It works PERFECTLY for all of the books since you can check the suitcase in and out as you go. There's no point in having back problems when you can easily roll your books away. A backpack is also something nice to bring as well. You can fill it up with books for signings and drop them off in your suitcase later. Also, bring a water bottle. There's always a fountain somewhere where you can refill. No one enjoys spending money on overpriced bottled water! Also, bring a snack! Again, overpriced food? No thanks.

What To Wear: It's important to be both comfortable but also dressed accordingly. My go-to outfit happens to be a pair of leggings, a nice/fun top paired with a cardigan (those convention centers are almost always COLD), and comfortable shoes that were made for walking in. Flip flops are a don't for me. I've done it, and the lack of support will kill your feet and back later. Toms, Adidas, and Converse are my personal favorites. My MO happens to be fun socks. Who doesn't love fun socks?

Go To Authors: Let's be honest, we all have our go to authors. Mine happen to be Laini Taylor, Colleen Hoover, Miranda Kenneally, Katja Millay, and Stephanie Perkins. If I hear they're in town or close, I'm there. If they're at a convention I'm at, I will stalk the living daylights out of their line. If you're not first, you're last (kidding but still).

Be sure to check out Las Vegas Travel Deals for the best deals in town. I'll actually be in Vegas soon and will have some recommendations posted once I get back! Food + books = life.


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